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Undergraduate Programs

The Italian program seeks to prepare students to understand, appreciate and use professionally the language, literature, and culture of Italy, through the achievement of an accurate reading knowledge, adequate aural comprehension, and conversational proficiency. Upon completion of the basic courses, students are expected to have a thorough, practical command of the language they have studied, including an ability to understand more fully the culture or cultures of which that language is a reflection. Elective courses consist of both linguistic and literary studies of a more advanced and specialized nature. In all courses, correlation with other departments of the College is encouraged whenever students' use of their language training can be made effective in their field of specialization.

Students who have had less than one and one-half years of high school Italian normally begin with course 111; those entering with two years normally begin with course 112; those presenting three years usually begin with course 203; and those presenting four years normally begin with course 204. Native speakers should consult the Chair or a department representative for their correct placement.

Italian 111, 112, and 203 satisfy the current Queens College Foreign Language Requirement.

For declaration/change/addition of majors/minors/concentrations, download and print the “Declaration of Major/Minor Form” from the Registrar’s website.  Complete all requested information, obtain the appropriate department(s) signature(s), and return the completed and signed form to the One Stop Service Center (Dining Hall 128) or the Office of the Registrar (Jefferson Hall 100).

Undergraduate Advisor: Eugenia Paulicelli, 718-997-5659.


Requirements for the Major in Italian

For students matriculated at Queens College from in Fall 2019 or after.

Required: 36 credits taken above ITAL 111 level, broken down as follows:

Requirement Credits
Successful completion of at least three (3) Italian 200 level courses from the following (all courses are 3 credits):

ITAL 204    Intermediate Italian II Prereq: ITAL 203 or 4 years of HS Italian
ITAL 207 Italian Through Literature Prereq: ITAL 204 or permission
ITAL 208 Italian Cultural Studies Prereq: ITAL 204 or permission
ITAL 209 Introduction to Italian Culture Prereq: ITAL 204 or permission
ITAL 223 Advanced Conversation Prereq: ITAL 203
ITAL 224 Advanced Grammar Prereq: ITAL 204 or permission
ITAL 228 Advanced Composition Prereq: ITAL 204 or permission
ITAL 231 Skills & Art of Translation Prereq: ITAL 204 or permission
ITAL 235 Commercial & Technical Italian    Prereq: ITAL 204 or permission
Two 300-level courses

Students are advised to take at least two (2) 200-level courses before enrolling in Italian 300 courses or permission of Advisor.
One course from the “Eurocourse” category:

Euro 101/W; Euro 201/W; Euro 202/W; Euro 203/W;
Euro 250/W; Euro 301/W; Euro 398 (Internship)
Eighteen (18) credits of Italian elective courses chosen in consultation with department undergraduate advisor 18

Prospective majors should consult the undergraduate Advisor as soon as possible to plan their program of study. No more than three courses taught in English, including the required "Eurocourse," on relevant aspects of Italian culture may count toward the major.


Secondary Education Option

Undergraduate Initial Certificate Program (Grades 7-12)

Required: 36 credits taken above ITAL 111 level (see above) as well as 27 credits in Secondary Education and Youth Services (SEYS), broken down as follows (all courses are 3 credits):

Course Title Pre- and Co-Requisites Fieldwork Required
SEYS 201W Historical, Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education Major Declared 25 Hours Fieldwork
SEYS 221 Development and Learning in Middle Childhood​ and Adolescence Major Declared 25 Hours Fieldwork
ECPSE 350 Foundations in Special Education Major Declared 15 Hours Fieldwork
SEYS 340 Language, Literacy and Culture in Education Prereq: SEYS 201W 25 Hours Fieldwork
SEYS 364 Methods in Teaching Content Area in Middle and High School Prereq: SEYS 201W, 221
Pre or Coreq: SEYS 340
25 Hours Fieldwork in a High School
SEYS 350 Cognition, Technology and Instruction for Diverse Learners Prereq: SEYS 221 25 Hours Fieldwork
SEYS 374.2 Initial Clinical Experience (ICE) Pre or Coreq: SEYS 350**
Prereq: SEYS 364
Coreq: SEYS 384
100 Hours of Clinical Practice
SEYS 384 Standards-Based Curriculum and Assessment in Teaching the Content Prereq: SEYS 364
Coreq: SEYS 374.2
SEYS 374.4 Student Teaching in High School Prereq: SEYS 364, 374.2, 384 Student Teaching

**Submission of CST official score report, with overall score and sub-scores (candidates who do not pass must develop a remediation plan signed by an advisor prior to student teaching).

All students are required to complete 100 hours of fieldwork prior to the Initial Clinical Experience (ICE). 

Prior to or concurrent with SEYS 364, candidates must pass the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and Writing Proficiency Test (WPT) with a rating of at least Advanced Low in order to qualify for ICE. Please register at and select Academic to register for the Academic test. All candidates must earn a B or better in Methods in order to qualify for ICE. All candidates are also required to complete a portfolio as both an exit and certification requirement for Queens College.

SEYS Advisors:

Dr. Jacquelyne Davis 718-997-5176
Dr. Jennifer Eddy 718-997-5177


Requirements for the Minor in Italian

15 Credits in Literature and Language courses above ITAL 111. Students may start with any course above ITAL 111.

Prospective minors should consult with the undergraduate advisor in order to plan their program of study. Students may take one class taught in English on relevant aspects of Italian culture. For a list of courses, see the description for the Major.




 Office Information


Due to the impact of the COVID-19 virus, there are currently no regular in-person office hours. For all matters, please send an email to the department chair or language advisor listed below. Faculty can be reached by email and are holding office hours by phone or videoconference. See faculty contact information.

Fall 2021 Course Information

Department Chair:
Gerasimus Katsan
Queens Hall 200
718-997-5980 (phone)
718-997-5072 (fax)

Italian Advisor:
Eugenia Paulicelli
Queens Hall 330C2


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