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Queens College Undergraduate Science Research Day 2013

9:30am-2:30pm, October 8, 2013, Student Union Ballroom (4th floor), Queens College

The Undergraduate Science Research Day is organized by the Division of Math and Natural Sciences at Queens College; this event is a great opportunity for students to share their research with the rest of the QC community -- and with visiting high school students.​

What happens on this day?

Flyer for Undergraduate Science Research Day 2013Proceedings of the Undergraduate Science Research Day 2013The event includes a poster session (9:30am-1:30pm) with students presenting their current research, with videos on display of student and faculty research.  In the afternoon, students give oral presentations (1:30pm-2:30pm).  The event is free and open to the public.  

​You can see photographs from last year's event and videos of student's presentations​. Click on the Proceedings on the right to see the full schedule for the day and the list of abstracts.

​For more information about attending the event or participating, please contact Matt Huenerfauth.

Who is invited to present?

QC undergraduates from any department who are doing science research are invited to present at this event.   Also, high school students or other undergraduates who have been doing research with a Queens College faculty member or laboratory are also welcome to participate.

​​How ​​​​​​​can I present?

      1. Submit an abstract on the EasyChair website (by September 27)
      2. Optional: Submit a video about your research (by October 1)
      3. Bring your poster to the event and present it (on October 8)

Submit an Abstract by September 27

After showing your abstract to your factulty mentor, you should submit it on the EasyChair website by September 27.  

Please Follow the Template 

Please use the official template when preparing your abstract: Template-for-Abstract.docx

You can see a sample abstract with the correct fonts/sizes/margins here: Sample-Abstract.docx

How to Submit Your Abstract

Step-by-Step Directions: Directions-for-EasyChair-2013.pdf 

Abstract-Submission Website:  Link to EasyChair website

Optional: Submit your photo/video release form in advance

An official Queens College photographer will attend the event on October 8.  If you give permission to appear in some of the photos from the event, you'll be asked to sign a photo/video release form.  To save some time on October 8, you can download the form, sign it, scan it, and upload it to the submission website with your abstract.  You can get a copy of the release form here: Photo-Video-Release.doc

Optional: Offer to give an oral presentation

If you want to give a oral presentation instead of displaying a poster, then there is a way to indicate this on the website.  Time is limited; so, not everyone who asks to give a talk will be able to.  We'll let you know.

Submit a Video by October 1 (optional)

Create a video of 30 to 60 seconds in length about your research and upload to YouTube by October 1.  Submitting a video about your research is optional, but strongly encouraged (and fun).  The students who submit the first 60 videos (of good quality) will receive a small thank-you gift from the Division of Math and Natural Sciences.

How to Prepare Your Video

Video Challenge Announcement (video)

Sample Research Video #1 (video)

Sample Research Video #2 (video)

How to Submit Your Video

To submit your video, you have two options:

Option #1: Upload the video to Youtube.  Note the URL for the video.  Send an email to Matt Huenerfauth with the link to your video: matt.huenerfauth (AT)

Option #2: Burn your video to a CD and drop it off at the Office of the Dean of the Division of Math and Natural Sciences (Remsen Hall, room 125).  Please put your name and "attn: Matt Huenerfauth" on the disk.

Step-by-Step Directions: Directions-for-YouTube-2013.pdf


If you have any questions or are having difficulty submitting your video, please contact Matt Huenerfauth.

Present your Poster on October 8

Create a poster about your research to bring to the event on October 8. The maximum size for your poster should be 48 inches wide by 66 inches tall (it's OK if your poster is smaller).  The posters will be attached with pins to a display board.  You must make your own arrangements to print the poster; you should consult with your faculty mentor to learn how to do this and what the size requirements of your printer are.

What Will Happen on October 8?

Please arrive by 9am on October 8th, and bring your poster.   Videos submitted by students will be on display during the event, and you will be available to answer questions while standing near your poster.  Light breakfast (9:30-10:30) and lunch (12:30-1:30) will be available for presenting students, their families, and their faculty mentors; kosher options will be available.   

"Best Poster Design" and "Best Poster Presentation" awards

From 10am to 1pm, Queens College faculty will be conducting judging for two awards: "Best Poster Design" (the appearance, organization, and content of the poster itself) and "Best Poster Presentation" (the student's brief explanation of the poster to visitors during the event).  If you would like to be considered for the competition, there is a checkbox you must select on the EasyChair website when you submit your abstract.  If you would like to be considered, you would need to be near your poster during this full time period (10am-1pm) when the judges are circulating.  The awards will be announced at the end of the day, during the oral presentations session (1:30pm-2:30pm).​ The websites listed below contain some good advice on how to make and present a great scientific poster.

Photographer and Video Crew at the Event

If you didn't already submit a photo/video release form, then you should bring one with you on this day.  This form is needed because an official Queens College photographer might take pictures during the event. If you don't want to be photographed, then you just need to watch out for the photographers that day and tell them not to take your picture (they normally ask first if it is OK). 

A video crew will attend the event, and if you'd like, you can present your poster to the camera.  We'll post the videos on the DMNS webpage.  You can see examples from last year here.

Tips for Making a Great Poster

Making a Scientific Poster (hosted at North Carolina State University)

Guide to making Scientific Posters (hosted at Cornell University)

Advice on Scientific Posters (hosted at Swarthmore College)


For more information, please contact Matt Huenerfauth.

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