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Student Presentations

Spring 2014

  Anna Wilga - Common River Frog in Ethiopia
  Charles Maniego - Cultural Evolution of the House Finch
  Elissa Olivera - Earthquakes along the Japan Trench
  Elizabeth Vera - Badditu Forest Tree Frog in Ethiopia
  Elyahu Perl - Synthesis of of Allocolchicine Structure Analogues
  Eric Steimetz - Ligand Binding in Olfactory Receptors
  Ester Aziz - Spectroscopic Study of Acetohydroxamic Acid
  Freida Zavurov - Fluorescence Titration Analysis of a Binding Constant
  Sissi Ribeiro - Statins, Neuronal Survival, and Auditory Memory
  Yaroslava Balatska - Immigration and Ukrainian Family Relations

Fall 2013

  Tonmoy Kabiraj - Nitric oxide, hydrogen peroxide, and E. coli cell survival
  Susan Turner - Effect of statin drugs on microglia activation
  Daniel Stalbow - Cholesterol-lowering drugs and adult neurogenesis
  Sounak Ghosh Roy - Dengue strains inducing autophagy using NS4A
  Lauren Esposito - Host range of mycobacteriophages through codon usage bias
  Weily Lang - Antioxidants boost male fertility in D. melanogaster
  Daniel Andre Novoa - Cell-permiable cysteine cathepsin inhibitors
  Zachary Adler - DNA binding of ruthenium complexes with a positive charged ligand
  Freida Zavurov - Flourescence titration analysis of a binding constant
  Jennifer Rojas - Associative learning and repeated heroin administration
  Viviana Torres - Potent, selective, and covalent inhibitor of cysteine cathepsin L
  Konstantin Itskov - Dynamical Systems
  Kerstin Olsson - NMDA receptor antagonism and flavor preferences in rats
  Michelle Lin, Sara Wertenteil - Yeast cells sensitivity to DNA crosslinks
  Cindy Flores - Assessing the impact of phobias during pregnancy

Spring 2013

  Ning Ma - Impacts of pH on Struvite
Robert Steger, Sarah Lutchman - Chronic Caffeine Ingestion and Microglia
Stephen Messana, Dominick Monteverdi - Consumer Acceptability of Gluten Free Falafel
  Freida Zavurov - Fluorescence Titration Analysis of a Binding Constant

  Ben Cohen - Doxorubicin Delivery with Phytosterol Nanoassemblies

  Veronica Thornton - Early Inattention and School Age Reading and Writing

  FM Rotella - Factors Affecting Acquisition of Flavor Aversion in Rats

  Daniel Floda - DNA Barcoding of Ethiopian Kniphofia

  Sanaa Mylan, Elisheva Laks, Katarzyna Roszczeda - Mastery Criteria and Concept Formation

  Athanasia Pavlou, Marsha Sommervil - Fat Content and Consumer Acceptability of Lasagna

  Noor Sardar - Biomolecules Encapsulation within Sol Gel Matrices and Nanogels

  Erich Grommet - Effect of Fear on Memory Processes in Human Timing

  Lauren Blachorsky - Inflammation in Hippocampus after Mold Exposure

  Vanessa Almonte - Regulation of Metabolism by TGF beta Signaling

  Abby Kashi - Differences in BIS Predict Negative Reactivity

Fall 2013

  Aislinn Deely - Nanowires and Nanomeshes
  Daniel Andre Novoa - Biosensor for Live Cell Enzymology
  Jackie Finik - Prenatal Infection and DNA Methylation
  Jennifer Rojas - Huntington's Disease Rats in a Timing Task
  Juan Cifuentes - Hand Coordination of Children with Cerebral Palsy
  Kimberly Page Soto - Mold Exposure and Inflammation in the Brain
  Lauren Blachorsky - Mold Exposure and Inflammation in the Brain
  Mahmoud Khalil - Maternal Depression and Fetal Development
  Nida Naqvi and Yashodra Singh - Depression in Pregnant Women
  Sarah Lutchman - Effect of Caffeine on Mouse Neural Cells
  Taikchan Lildar - Synthesis of Amino Acid Derivatives
  Veronica Thornton - Early Language Skills, ADHD, and Reading Achievement
  Yassmin Simmonds - Mold Spores and Adult Neurogenesis in Mice

Spring 2012

Sigma Xi Research Poster Session 2012

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