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Nicholas K Coch

Sedimentology, coastal Geology

Science Building, Room E210
Phone: 718-997-3326

Research Interests

Nicholas K. Coch has conducted research in sedimentology (Earth and Lunar), coastal and estuarine geology, and most recently, in hurricanes and their damage patterns. He is an expert on Northern Hurricanes and presents seminars to emergency management, insurance, reinsurance and industrial groups in the U.S. Canada and the Caribbean. In 2006-2007 his research was included in presentations on the History, Weather, Discovery and National Geographic Channels as well as articles in local and national print media. He is a Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer (2004-2007).

Courses taught
  • Surficial Geology
  • Environmental Geology
  • Natural Disasters
  • Physical Geology
  • Geomorphic Processes
  • Sedimentology
    • Coastal and Estuarine Geology
    • Environmental Geology
    • Environmental Geology of the Coastal Zone
    • Physical Geology
    • Geomorphic Processes
    • Sedimentology

    Field Study

    • Geology of National Parks, Tropical Geology (Field-Florida)
    • Geology of the Colorado Plateau (Field - Colorado)
    • Geology of Yucatan (Field- Mexico)


    Coch, N.K., 2006 The unique vulnerability of the Northeast U.S. to hurricane damage: Geol Soc. Amer. Abstract with programs, V. No. pp. National G.S.A. meting in Phila. Pa in October 2006

    Coch, N. K. 2003, How coastal changes and development amplified damage in the 1935 Hurricane in the Florida Keys: Lessons for the future, Geol Soc Amer Abstracts with programs, V. 35, No. PP.

    Coch, N. K., 2002, America's first natural disaster- The hurricane of 1635-Implications for New England, Geol Soc Amer Abstracts with programs, V. 34, No. PP.

    Coch, N. K., and Jarvinen, B., 2000 Reconstruction of the 1893 New York City Hurricane from Meteorological and archeological records, 24th Annual Conf. on Tropical Meteorology, paper AM16C.3.

    Coch, N. K., 1999, Hurricane hazards in New Jersey,. pp. 65-98 in New Jersey Beaches and Coastal Areas, Geol. Soc. N.J. Annual Proceedings, V. 16, 138 pp.

    Coch, N. K., 1994, Hurricane hazards in the Northeast U.S. in Jour. Coastal Research. Spec Issue No. 12 - Coastal Hazards, Chapter 9 (pp. 115-147).


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