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Schedule of Classes​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Filtering and Sorting the Course List
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"Mode of Instruction" Codes
  • FO = Fully on-line
  • H = Hybrid
  • P = In Person
  • O = Online
  • PO = Partially on-line
  • W = Web-Enhanced
"Session" Codes
  • 1 = Spring and Fall
  • 4W1 = Summer 1 Short
  • 4W2 = Summer 2 Short
  • 6W2 = Summer 2 Long
Program:   Year:   Term:   Session:   Days:   Start Time:   End Time:   
Mode of Instruction:
  Subject:   Instructor:    
ProgramYearTermSessionDaysStart TimeEnd TimeModeSubjectCourse TitleCourse #Class #BldgRoomInstructor
UGRD2020091M3:10 PM6:00 PMOACCTFin & Mgr Acct10047980OLONLINEHO, VIVIAN
UGRD2020064W1M, T, W, TH9:00 AM12:50 PMOACCTIntro Thry & Prac of Acct I1012964  SOLARSH, EVA
UGRD2020066W2M, T, W, TH10:15 AM12:30 PMOACCTIntro Thry & Prac of Acct I1012973  SOLARSH, EVA
UGRD2020066W2M, T, W, TH6:00 PM8:15 PMOACCTIntro Thry & Prac of Acct I1012974  CHAN, JOSEPH
UGRD2020091M, W8:00 AM9:50 AMOACCTIntro Thry & Prac of Acct I10145514OLONLINEDAUBER, NICKY
UGRD2020091T, TH10:05 AM11:55 AMOACCTIntro Thry & Prac of Acct I10145515OLONLINEGRUZA, MARVIN
UGRD2020091M, W10:05 AM11:55 AMOACCTIntro Thry & Prac of Acct I10145516OLONLINERUTHIZER, SCOTT
UGRD2020091T, TH3:00 PM4:50 PMOACCTIntro Thry & Prac of Acct I10145517OLONLINEFEISULLIN, ANITA
UGRD2020091M, W5:00 PM6:50 PMOACCTIntro Thry & Prac of Acct I10145519OLONLINERUTHIZER, SCOTT
UGRD2020091M, W1:40 PM3:30 PMOACCTIntro Thry & Prac of Acct I10145520OLONLINECOWAN DOCKERY, MARLENE
UGRD2020091T, TH8:00 AM9:50 AMOACCTIntro Thry & Prac of Acct I10145521OLONLINESOLARSH, EVA
UGRD2020091TH6:30 PM10:20 PMOACCTIntro Thry & Prac of Acct I10145522OLONLINEHUANG, QIANYUN (IVY)
UGRD2020091F6:30 PM10:20 PMOACCTIntro Thry & Prac of Acct I10145523OLONLINESOLARSH, EVA
UGRD2020091S8:20 AM12:00 PMOACCTIntro Thry & Prac of Acct I10145524OLONLINECHAN, JOSEPH
UGRD2020091T, TH8:00 AM9:50 AMOACCTIntro Theo & Prac Acct II10245537OLONLINEGRUZA, MARVIN
UGRD2020091M, W3:00 PM4:50 PMOACCTIntro Theo & Prac Acct II10245538OLONLINERUTHIZER, SCOTT
UGRD2020091T, TH10:05 AM11:55 AMOACCTIntro Theo & Prac Acct II10245539OLONLINEFEISULLIN, ANITA
UGRD2020091T, TH12:10 PM2:00 PMOACCTIntro Theo & Prac Acct II10245540OLONLINEFEISULLIN, ANITA
UGRD2020091T, TH5:00 PM6:40 PMOACCTIntro Theo & Prac Acct II10245541OLONLINEDAVID, AMY
UGRD2020091M, W6:55 PM8:45 PMOACCTIntro Theo & Prac Acct II10245542OLONLINERUTHIZER, SCOTT
 142 record(s)   
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