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Schedule of Classes​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Filtering and Sorting the Course List
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"Mode of Instruction" Codes
  • FO = Fully on-line
  • H = Hybrid
  • P = In Person
  • O = Online
  • PO = Partially on-line
  • W = Web-Enhanced
"Session" Codes
  • 1 = Spring and Fall
  • 4W1 = Summer 1 Short
  • 4W2 = Summer 2 Short
  • 6W2 = Summer 2 Long
Program:   Year:   Term:   Session:   Days:   Start Time:   End Time:   
Mode of Instruction:
  Subject:   Instructor:    
ProgramYearTermSessionDaysStart TimeEnd TimeModeSubjectCourse TitleCourse #Class #BldgRoomInstructor
UGRD2018091M3:10 PM6:00 PMPACCTFin & Mgr Acct10037703HH17HO, VIVIAN
UGRD2018091M, W8:00 AM9:50 AMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110150613PH130DAUBER, NICKY
UGRD2018091W, F8:00 AM9:50 AMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110150614RA201GRUZA, MARVIN
UGRD2018091M, W10:05 AM11:55 AMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110150615PH119ERLACH, DAVID
UGRD2018091M, W3:00 PM4:50 PMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110150616PH130RUTHIZER, SCOTT
UGRD2018091M, W5:00 PM6:40 PMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110150617KY312ERLACH, DAVID
UGRD2018091T, TH12:10 PM2:00 PMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110150618PH130FEISULLIN, ANITA
UGRD2018091T, TH10:05 AM11:55 AMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110150619RZ147SOLARSH, EVA
UGRD2018091M, W6:55 PM8:45 PMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110150620PH130RUTHIZER, SCOTT
UGRD2018091T, TH6:55 PM8:45 PMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110150621PH114UDDIN, MD
UGRD2018091F6:30 PM10:20 PMHACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110150622PH212SOLARSH, EVA
UGRD2018091S8:20 AM12:00 PMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110150623PH132CHAN, JOSEPH
UGRD2018091SU8:20 AM12:00 PMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 110150624PH204MINTZ, CHANA
UGRD2018066W2M, T, W, TH7:40 AM9:55 AMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 11017474RZ147SOLARSH, EVA
UGRD2018066W2M, T, W, TH6:00 PM8:15 PMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 11017475PH110ERLACH, DAVID
UGRD2018064W1M, T, W, TH9:00 AM12:50 PMPACCTInt Theo & Prac Acct 11017465RE017SOLARSH, EVA
UGRD2018064W1M, T, W, TH9:00 AM12:50 PMPACCTIntro Theo & Prac Acct 21027466KG202BARONE, ERNEST
UGRD2018066W2M, T, W, TH10:15 AM12:30 PMPACCTIntro Theo & Prac Acct 21027476PH112SCHWALB, HELEN
UGRD2018066W2M, T, W, TH8:30 PM10:45 PMPACCTIntro Theo & Prac Acct 21027477PH110ERLACH, DAVID
UGRD2018091W, F10:05 AM11:55 AMPACCTIntro Theo & Prac Acct 210250633RA201GRUZA, MARVIN
 159 record(s)   
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