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Latin American and Latino Studies


Name Department Title Research
Zadia Feliciano Latin American and Latino Studies Director Free Trade Agreements in Latin America, Corporate taxation in Puerto Rico, Impact of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Minimum Wages in Mexico, Mexican Migration
Deidre Flowers Africana Studies Acting Director Africa & African American Caribbean research
Kevin K. Birth Anthropology Professor Peoples of the Caribbean and cultural writing
Felicia Madimenos Anthropology Professor Market integration and health in South American indigenous peoples, human biology, female reproductive ecology, energetics
John Collins Anthropology Professor Semiotics, cultural heritage and development, historical anthropology, nationalism and the state, Brazil, the Andes, race in Latin America
Juan Luis Rodriguez Anthropology Assistant Professor Linguistic Anthropology, Semiotics, Amazonian Ethnography, politics, Gift Giving, Language and Materiality, Discourse Analysis
Ramona L. Perez Anthropology Instructor Food habits, Kinship and life history in the U.S. Mexico borderlands, urban curanderismo, food justice
Timothy Pugh Anthropology Associate Professor Maya architecture, spatial analysis, ritual, social memory, cultural contact.
Christopher Winks Comparative Literature Associate Professor Comparative modernisms with particular emphasis or Caribbean and Latin America literature and African-American studies
Zadia Feliciano Economics Professor Labor Economics, International Economics, Economic History
Lillian Moncada-Davidson Education Associate Professor Sociology and Foundations of Educations
Álvaro Fernández Hispanic Languages and Literatures Professor Specializes in contemporary Spanish literature and cinema, focused on narratives of an uncomfortable historical past
Beatriz Carolina Peña Hispanic Languages and Literatures Assistant Professor Colonial Latin American literature, iconography, and history, Spanish Golden Age, and nineteenth and twentieth centuries Spanish American literature
Brais Outes-Leon Hispanic Languages and Literatures Assistant Professor Literary critic and academic specialized in the field of Latin American literature and Cultural History
Irma Llorens Hispanic Languages and Literatures Associate Professor Spanish American literature, contemporary Spanish and Mexican short stories
Isabel Maria de Sena Hispanic Languages and Literatures Adjunct Assistant Professor  
José Miguel Martínez-Torrejón Hispanic Languages and Literatures Professor Iberian Culture and Literature, Peninsular and Colonial, political dimension of literary texts
Mariana Zinni Hispanic Languages and Literatures Associate Professor Spanish with a specialization in Colonial Latin America
Nora Glickman Hispanic Languages and Literatures Professor She combines teaching with creative writing, criticism and translation. Her critical work (articles, book and film reviews, interviews, encyclopedias and dictionaries) has appeared in national and international journals
Rafael Sanchez Hispanic Languages and Literatures Adjunct Professor Puerto Rico Latin American Culture and theater
Fidel T. Tavarez History Assistant Professor How the Hispanic world—including Spain and Latin America—governed, harnessed, and adapted to the effects of early modern globalization and capitalism
Sandy Placido History Assistant Professor Social movements in the Americas, with a special focus on the contributions of women and people of African and Caribbean descent
Eva M. Fernandez Linguistics and Communication Disorders Associate Professor Bilingualism, psycholinguistics and instructional Technology
Elizabeth Ijalba Linguistics and Communication Disorders Assistant Professor Communication disorders, Impact or bilingualism on disorders of communication and literacy
Sara Hinojos Media Studies Assistant Professor Film and television representation of Chicanxs and Latinxs and cultural studies with an emphasis on gender, race, language politics, digital media, humor studies, and sound studies
Jorge A. Aviles Political Science Assistant Professor Comparative politics, specifically on issues of federalism, intergovernmental relations, state capacity construction and the political economy of development, with a regional focus on Latin American and Brazil
Judith Kimerling Political Science Professor Environmental law and politics, law and implementation, international development and human rights, the politics of Amazon rain forest development, energy law politics
Anahi Viladrich Sociology Associate Professor Gender and reproductive health in Latin America, immigration, culture and health in the U.S and abroad
Carmenza L. Gallo Sociology Associate Professor Sociology of Developing Countries
Mauricio A. Font Sociology Professor Sociology of Developing Countries
Sujatha Fernandes Sociology Associate Professor Hip hop culture , neoliberalism, state-society relations; urban public space; and the role of culture in social movements

 Office Information


Due to the impact of the COVID-19 virus, there are currently no regular in-person office hours. For all matters, please send an email to the director listed below.

Director: Zadia Feliciano
Office: Powdermaker 306F
Phone: ​718-997-5442

Advisory Board
Jorge A. Alves
Political Science Department

Sara Hinojos
Media Studies Department

Brais Outes-León
Hispanic Languages and Literatures Department

Juan Luis Rodriguez
Anthropology Department


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