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Fall 2021 Course Schedule

Philosophy 101

While not a prerequisite to the other courses, Philosophy 101 is the basic introduction to the subject of philosophy. The course is designed to give beginners a grasp of the various chief issues that philosophy investigates. Philosophy 120, also at the introductory level, applies philosophical methods of investigation to problems arising from current developments in politics, medicine, urban affairs, popular culture, technology, law, and the like.

Courses 103 and 109
These courses deal in general with methods of reasoning—that is, with the standards of valid argument and inference that apply in different areas of knowledge. Philosophy 103 is an elementary introduction to modern approaches to the subject, stressing practical applications. Philosophy 109 is the course in modern formal logic, focusing on symbolic techniques for analyzing arguments and for building logical systems.

Courses 101 through 118 and 212 through 226
These are field courses in the various divisions of philosophy. Each of these courses goes into a cluster of vital issues that arise in connection with a specific field of study represented elsewhere in the College. These courses will closely support and amplify your work in other disciplines.

Courses 140 through 148
This group of courses are historical. Each takes up selected writings of the major figures in an important period of philosophy, not simply with an eye to their historical interest, but as containing formidable arguments that philosophers of various persuasions still explore and debate today. These courses also locate the intellectual origins of notable artistic, scientific, and social developments. Modern times have presented very few totally novel philosophical issues; most have roots deep in the past, and in getting a fix on these, one gets one's bearings on these issues in their modern shapes.

Courses 260 through 272
Each of these advanced courses investigates, in depth, either a particular system of philosophy or a group of closely related classical or contemporary problems of special significance.

Courses 383 through 394
These are seminars and tutorials that provide directed research for advanced students.


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Professor Jessica Polish

Department Administrator:
Meilian Hong


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