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Risk Management

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Program Course Offerings for 2019

For current class schedule visit:
Click on “Schedule” and choose Department: Economics, Program: Risk Management.

Summer Session 2: 2019

RM706: Professor Dellova on T/TH at 6:30-9:48
RM711: Professor Marshall on M/W at 6:30-9:48 (Hybrid Course)

Fall 2019

RM701: Professor Marshall on T at 6:30-9:20*
RM702: Professor Weiss on TH at 6:30-9:20
RM704: Professor Marshall on W at 6:30-9:20*
RM705: Professor Talisse on TH at 6:30-9:20*
RM706: Professor Dellova on T at 6:30-9:20
RM710: Professor Courtadon on M at 6:30-9:20
RM711: Professor Marshall on W at 6:30-9:20*
ECON715: Professor Wagner on M at 6:30-9:20
MATH621: Professor Kapelner on M 6:30-7:45* (Section 02)

Courses with * are hybrid courses.  In lieu of a tradtitional in-person meeting each week, some of the coursework will be done independently online.​

*RM704 and RM711 are hybrid courses and will share alternate Wednesdays for meeting times. Students will be able to enroll in both classes. 

The following course schedules are tentative:​

Spring 2020

RM705: Professor Courtadon on M at 6:30-9:20
RM706: Professor Dellova on TH at 6:30-9:20
RM707: Professors Satenstein & Bouteille on TH at 6:30-9:20
RM708: Professor Fasano on T at 6:30-9:20
RM709: Professor Marshall on M at 6:30-9:20*
RM711: Professor Fried on SUN 9:20AM-12:00PM*
RM790: Professor Marshall on M at 6:30-9:20*
ECON715: Professor Wagner on W at 6:30-9:20

Courses with * are hybrid courses.  In lieu of a tradtitional in-person meeting each week, some of the coursework will be done independently online.

*RM 709 and RM 790 are hybrid courses and will share alternate Mondays for meeting times. Students will be able to enroll in both classes.  RM791 will be cross-listed with RM790.


Guidelines​ for Planning Your Course Sequencing


The best way to plan your course sequencing is to work backwards—first figure out which courses have the most prerequisites and when they are offered, and this will be a planning constraint that you will work from.  Several classes are only offered once a year.

For example, RM790 or RM791 is required for all RM students and is offered only one time per year; since most of the courses are pre or co-requisites, this course will be in your final semester in the spring. 

If you are in the Accounting concentration, note that accounting graduate courses are offered every semester, so fill in these only after you figure out which RM courses you need to take.

Though the college bulletin states that RM701 is a prerequisite or co-requisite for all courses, sometimes this course works better after you have been in the program for a semester or two, so you need not take this course in the first semester if it otherwise makes your scheduling difficult.

Generally speaking, RM706 is offered every semester including summer, and RM711 and RM705 are offered twice per year (summer/fall and fall/spring, respectively).  RM705 and RM706 can be taken at any point in your program, even at the end, after all courses (including RM790) is completed. 
RM711 should be taken by all students early in your program (unless you can show sufficient evidence of programming experience).

You must complete your undergraduate prerequisites in the first two semesters. You may register for certain courses while fulfilling your prerequisites.  You will not be allowed to graduate without having successfully completed the prerequisites. 

It is your choice whether to go full time or part time. If you work full time, you may take no more than two classes per semester.  By full time, we mean that you are attempting to graduate in one calendar year. The international student office and financial aid have different official definitions of full time graduate work. If you need to be a full time student for visa purposes, please consult with the international student office. That office has accommodated students in this program since at times, due to how the program works, it is logistically impossible to take three courses per semester.

The table below illustrates several sequencing options. Please note that there are many other sequencing options.

of courses
Summer Sessions Fall 1 Spring 1 Summer Sessions Fall 2 Spring 2
  Full Time 1 – 2 4 4 N/A N/A N/A
  Full Time   4 4 1 - 2 N/A N/A
  Part Time 1 – 2 2 2 1 – 2 2 2



 Office Information


Our Office has moved to Kissena Hall
Noelle Ogawa is in the office
from 12:00-5:00

Program Director:
Cara Marshall, PhD
See office hours and make appointment:

Kissena Hall 309
(718) 997-5387

Program Assistant:
Noelle Ogawa
Kissena Hall 310
(718) 997-5507





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