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Educational and Community Programs

ECP Honors and Awards Ceremony 2011

(Left to Right) Prof. David Goh, Shines Almedia (Academic Achievement Award, Service Award, & Albert Angrilli Award), Danielle Amatuccio (Academic Achievement Award & Service Award), Michelle Baumann (Academic Achievement Award & Service Award), Kady Berman (Academic Achievement Award), Maria Caceres (Academic Achievement Award & Esther and Eugene Cohen Memorial Award), Danielle Farrell (Academic Achievement Award & Service Award), Jacqueline Gomez (Academic Achievement Award), Kristi Geissler (Academic Achievement Award), Kristin Korsak (Academic Achievement Award & Service Award), & Prof. Marian Fish 










Maria Caceres (right) and Prof. Marian Fish (left) 


(Left to Right) Meghan Murphy (Academic Achievement Award), Eve Sci (Outstanding Student Award), Prof. Terrence Quinn, David Lonborg, Lauren Caiaccia (Academic Achievement Award), & Joyce Heskial (Academic Achievement Award)


Lauren Caiaccia

Area of Study:  

Educational Leadership: School Building Leader and School District Leader

Reason for choosing this area:

"I decided to enter the ECPEL program to enhance my leadership skills and to prepare myself for becoming a school leader at the scholastic level."
Best lesson learned (about self):

"For me, the program provided an opportunity to exchange ideas, debate current issues in education and reflect on the direction of my career.  I learned to be open-minded and to always reflect.  I learned to appreciate the value of understanding the many perspectives on education because these are the different perspectives that are shaping the direction of education in the United States today."

Mentor in the program:

"Dr. Terry Quinn.  He is very approachable, and has a good understanding of the needs of the educators that enroll in the ECPEL program.  For me, Dr. Quinn was flexible, understanding, inspiring and provided direction just when I needed it.  I thank him immensely." 

Fondest memory of QC:

"My BEST memory of the Queens College ECPEL program was in my second to last semester while I was enrolled in a course entitled Data for School Leaders.  This class left a lasting impression on me because while the topic of "data" can be seemingly dry, my colleagues in this class inspired me to look at data from a different perspective.  Through this course, I developed friendships with other school leaders that will last a lifetime."

Future plans:

After graduation, Ms. Caiaccia plans to continue her career path as a Physical Educator. And, when given the opportunity arises she will make the transition to the leadership level. In five or ten years she hopes to have had an impact on the state of Physical Education in New York.


 (Left to Right) Prof. David Goh, Reena Rabovsky (Academic Achievement Award), Jennifer Morrissey (Academic Achievement Award, Service Award, Albert Angrilli Award, & O. Bernard Leibman Award), Jessica Paul (Academic Achievement Award), Rebecca Krieger (Academic Achievement Award & Service Award), Yulisa Rodriguez (Ted Bernstein Award), Katherine Russo (Academic Achievement Award), & Prof. Marian Fish

Jennifer Morrissey (left) and Prof. Roslyn Ross (right)

Area of Study:  

School Psychology with a Multicultural Specialization

Reason for choosing this area:

"I knew I wanted to pursue Psychology since the fifth grade. My relationship with my guidance counselor in high school peaked my interest in working with students, but it was a class I took at Stony Brook with the late Dr. Carr that really guided me to this field. Lastly, I have a cousin with autism and an initially uninformed family, all of whom made large progression by working closely with a school psychologist and the team in his district. This just demonstrated the difference I could make in the lives of students and their families who are often misunderstood or lack support. What could be better than that?"

Best lesson learned (about self):

"While in the program, I have learned that I am confident and can attain anything I set my mind to. In addition, I have learned my relative strengths and weaknesses.  This increased self-awareness will benefit me in my future pursuits as I can play on my strengths and compensate for my weaknesses as I continue to be mindful of them and try to develop them." 

Mentor in the program:

"My mentors tended to develop throughout the years. However, I would have to say that each teacher acted as a mentor at some point, if not throughout (my time in the program). Every one of them truly helped mold me into the School Psychologist I am today."

Fondest memory of QC:

"The numerous days/nights spent with my closest friends in the program."

Future plans:

After graduation, Ms. Morrissey plans to earn a Psy.D. in School Psychology at St. John's University. Within the next 5 or 10 years she hopes to be working in the academia field, work part-time as a private practitioner (after school) and eventually publish a nationally recognized standardized non-biased assessment (in education).


Yulisa Rodriguez (right) and Prof. Emilia Lopez (left)



Alison Spund (left) and Prof. John Pellitteri (right)


Carolina Rodriquez (left) and Prof. Jesse Vasquez (right)

Laura McNally (left) and Prof. Christopher Oliva (right)

Crystal Davis (left) and Prof. Lynn Howell (right)

Hemendra Sukhdeo (right) and Prof. Christopher Oliva (left) 



Maria Leon-Pineros (left) and Prof. Lourdes Rivera (right) 

 Monica Gigante (left) and Prof. Peshi Wang (right)









Sotiria Reglas (right) and Prof. Peshi Wang (left)



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