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Master of Arts in Teaching with Bilingual Extension

Information for prospective candidates interested in the MAT program with a Bilingual Extension:

The Master in Arts in Teaching (MAT) Childhood Education program has recently been revised. The newly revised MAT program has been reduced from 45 credits to 36.  We are advising our MAT with the Bilingual Extension applicants to request a Change of Program into the MAT Childhood Education program for the fall 2016 semester.

Once you have received your initial certification in Childhood Education, you may apply for the Bilingual Extension.

New York State has passed a new regulation requiring prospective teachers to submit their GRE scores. Currently, a minimum GRE score is not required.Please feel free to contact if you have any additional questions.

Program Requirements

The Master of Arts in Teaching with Bilingual Extension provides graduate bilingual students, who do not have a background in teaching, with a 54 credit program that leads to a New York State Initial Certification in Childhood Education, grades 1-6 and the Bilingual Education Extension to that certificate. Candidates competing this program are equally able, as they choose, to teach in a monolingual 1-6 grade classroom or in a childhood bilingual classroom. 

Admission requirements and prerequisites:

To be admitted in the program students are required to:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Be proficient in a language other than English (This proficiency must be in the language in which they are seeking the extension.)
  • Demonstrate they have taken an undergraduate major in liberal arts or a equivalent  concentration of no fewer than 30 credits in one of the liberal arts and sciences.
  • Demonstrate they comply with NYS requirements for liberal arts and sciences preparation for teachers that correspond to NYS Learning Standards. These standards state that elementary school teachers must have completed courses in their undergraduate program that encompass the areas of English Language Arts, The Arts, Social Studies, and Math, Science, and Technology.

In order to demonstrate compliance with the last two prerequisites, applicants should read and complete two forms. The instructions and the forms can be found below:

Students who lack some of these courses but meet all the other admissions requirements may be admitted to the program. However, they must fulfill the requirements within their first two semesters in the program. Students should check with the Bilingual Education Coordinator at time of application.
Interested students should contact the Bilingual Education Coordinator: Patricia Velasco, Ed.D. Powdermaker Hall 017, Phone (718) 997 5318 Fax (718) 997 5317 or Email For other information on requirements, application deadlines, registration fees, tuition, and financial aid, prospective students should contact the Queens College Graduate Admission Office. 

Program structure

The curriculum of the Master of Arts in Teaching with a Bilingual Extension has five components: pedagogical core, curriculum-in-action, specialization, research-into-practice, and student teaching. This is a sequential program that can be organized in intensive blocks to accelerate students' eligibility for certification. Upon completion of 36 credits including student teaching, students are eligible for NYS initial certification in Childhood Education, 1-6; upon completion of all program coursework and requirements, students receive the degree of Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and are eligible for the Bilingual Education Extension.

Pedagogical Core


EECE 702 Ecology of Childhood
EECE 704 or 705 Ecological Perspectives on Development
EECE 711 Language and Literacy Development
EECE 520 and 525 Across the Curriculum

3 cr. each

Curriculum in Action


EECE 545 Social Studies in the Elementary School
EECE 550 Mathematics in theElementary School
EECE 555 Science in the Elementary School
EECE 750 Modern Learning Technologies

3 cr. each

The Bilingual Extension


EECE761 Educating the Non-native Speaker of English: Theory and Research
EECE 762 Schooling in a Diverse Society

EECE 763 Teaching of Reading and Language Arts in Bilingual Education
EECE 764 Learning the Content Areas in a Multilingual Setting: Teaching and Assessment
EECE 766 English Language Learning in a Bilingual Classroom:
Theoretical Background
EECE767 English Language Learning in a Bilingual Classroom: Pedagogical Applications

3 cr. each

Research Into Practice


EECE 780 Introduction to Educational Research
EECE 781 Inquiry into Teaching

3 cr. each

Student Teaching


EECE 566 Two placements Grades 1-6.
One placement must be in a Bilingual Setting

6 cr

Total Credits for the MAT with a Bilingual Extension

54 cr.


Prior to beginning the program, students are required to complete 50 hours of work with children in organized educational or community settings. During the program, field experiences are included in the pedagogical core, curriculum-in-action, and research-into-practice courses of the program. Upon completion of the pedagogical core, the curriculum-in-action, and the methodological courses in the bilingual extension, students are required to take student teaching. Two placements are mandated by New York State; at least with one of those placements must be in a bilingual setting.

Requirements for maintenance in program, certification, and graduation

In order to continue in the program, students must maintain a B average and cannot receive a grade lower than B- in any course. If a student receives a grade lower than a B- , the student is required to meet with his/her advisor or the department's review committee for advisement. Students must also display appropriate professional behavior in their field settings. To be eligible for NYS initial certification and the bilingual extension, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • a minimum of 30 course credits that must include the pedagogical core, curriculum-in-action courses, the methodologies of the specialty, and student teaching.
  • two state-approved 3-hour workshops, one on alcohol and drug abuse, and one on child abuse and neglect.
  • passing scores on the following New York State Teacher Certification Examinations: Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST), Assessment of Teaching Skills -Written (ATS-W), and Proficiency in the language other than English in which the student is seeking the bilingual extension.

Application Deadlines: June 15th & December 15th

For more information about this program, please contact the Program Coordinator and Graduate Advisor: Patricia Velasco, Ed.D. Powdermaker Hall 017, Phone (718) 997 5318 Fax (718) 997 5317 or Email

Prof. Patricia Velasco
Program Coordinator
Advisor for the MSED with Bilingual Extension students

Powdermaker Hall, Room 054
Phone: 718-997 5318
Fax: 718-997 5317

Prof. Karen Steuerwalt
Advisor for the MAT with Bilingual Extension Students
Powerdermaker Hall, Room 054
Phone: 718-997 5336


 Office Information


Chair: Daisuke Akiba
Powdermaker Hall, Room 057C

65-30 Kissena Blvd.

Flushing, NY 11367

Telephone: 718-997-5302

Fax: 718-997-5325 

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