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Dean's Initiatives


 Three Task Forces


Three Task Forces: A Call to Join

The School of Education is asking its members, particularly those involved in an Initial Certification Program, to consider joining one of three task forces (Policy, Clinical, and Curriculum). The task forces will take shape over the coming academic year, AY 2020-201. This “call” describes the purpose of each task force, the context, activities and timeline. Please email Interim Dean, Dana Fusco, if you would like to join at

 Research Advisory Council

​School of Education Research Advisory Committee ~ Call for Faculty Self-Nominations

Faculty research is integral to the mission of Queens College and the School of Education, advances knowledge about education and learning, and enriches the learning experience of our students. The School of Education is forming a Research Advisory Committee (RAC) to support the Dean in improving conditions for faculty research. Faculty on the RAC will identify hurdles to conducting educational research at Queens College and the surrounding community, identify areas of need to support faculty research, and work toward identifying solutions that support the research goals of faculty in the School of Education. The RAC will consist of faculty representatives from across the School of Education. It will meet at least twice per semester with additional work electronically to move action items. The suggested commitment is a two-year term. If you are interested in serving on the RAC, please contact Dean Fusco at The first and only meeting for Fall will likely occur in December before the end of the semester.​


 The Will to Change

The Will to Change series encompasses a broad range of events such as social gatherings, lectures, and interactive discussions, as well as a series of intentional audits and activities aimed at identifying and addressing policies and practices within the School of Education that silence, marginalize, and disrespect faculty, staff and students, and particularly faculty, staff and students of color.
We had one opening town hall event in June and are planning a late fall event to focus on teacher identity and identity development.
In addition to these events, some of the audit areas that the SOE will begin to address include but are not limited to:
  • Disparities in graduate program enrollments by race/ethnicity
  • Disparities in faculty representation by race/ethnicity
  • Retention rates of students of color
  • An interrogation of curriculum: What and whose knowledge and theoretical frameworks are embedded into coursework? Are we intentional in designing anti-racist pedagogies and curriculum?
  • Professional development on anti-racist pedagogy
  • Working in and with communities of color: How are students prepared to work in diverse settings? Would students be ready to deal with the reactions and responses of the children and youth in their classrooms if they were teaching today?
The series is a really an emergent culture within the SOE that is collaboratively and inclusively built from the ground up. The nature of the series may shift and evolve as we shift and evolve. Suggestions for events are welcome. Please email me at

  townhall flyer.jpg townhall agenda.png


​QCed: a nexus and next to us place and space of education
An invitation from Interim Dean Dana Fusco, QC School of Education
QCed is both a noun as in: ‘the QCed (pronounced “Q-seed”) initiative’ as well as a verb as in ‘to be QCed’.  QCed represents a tight-knit community of educators committed to the ongoing growth and learning of its younger people.
You may have heard the phrase “tight-knit” such as “he comes from a tight-knit family.” Those who are “tight-knit” are well known to each other, bonded, or simply, “tight.” Being tight does not happen by proximity alone but by common interest, goals and intentional forming of the relationships needed to live and grow together. To be QCed means to engage in ongoing meaningful and authentic efforts to help create a QCed community on behalf and with the younger people and those charged with teaching them.
Queens College, located in Flushing New York, is placed in an urban hub of educational excellence. But there are missed opportunities if we do not somehow come together to embrace our own neighborhood and all that it contains. Towards that end, I have begun initial conversations with those ‘nex2us’, including so far, the leadership of District 25, PS 201, John Bowne High School , the Child Center of NY (CCNY) and the Queens Community House (QCH)  Each of these institutions has a job to do in the name of educating the younger people in the 11367 area. Alone we each will do what we can. But together, the possibilities are endless.
We have already created two exciting QCed projects that are addressing authentic needs in our 11367.
  1. As we know, many P-12 students were slated for remote education beginning in the spring. Yet, not all families have access to WiFi and/or computer equipment in their homes. This is having a strong impact on the academic, social and emotional well-being of children and youth in the 11367. Under the leadership of Professor Andrew Aprile, candidates are helping Child Center of NY to make calls to families to assess their needs this fall so that Child Center of NY can help target their services more strategically.
  2. QCH serves the needs of children, youth and families who reside in the nearby Pomonok Houses through a variety of programs of health, wellness and educational programs. Family literacy is an area of expressed interest. Chair, Bobbie Kabuto and Professor Christopher Wagner have begun working with QCH on a project to align a course in the School’s literacy education (B-6) program with direct services run by QCH.
Many other discussions with School and Community leaders are underway! Will you be QCed? To join the conversation, propose a QCed idea, or learn more about QCed initiatives you can participate in, email me at
QCed Map.png 

 First Gen Scholars Lunch

​Coming Spring 2021


 PowerPoints: The Will to Change Part I


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