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Faculty Scholarship

This table lists the various scholarly activities by Queens College faculty dating back to 2008.  Use the options below to filter by year, academic department, category, or faculty name.  You may also search for a faculty name or description by using the Keyword search box.
Year:   Department:   
2017BiologyNo works to report for 2017Anadon, JoseN/A
2017BiologyConference Presentation, otherBaker, MitchellKlein, CM, and MB Baker, Fitness costs associated with spinosad resistance in the Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata). Entomological Society of America, Denver, CO. 11/5/2017
2017BiologyNo works to report for 2017Chabora, PeterN/A
2017BiologyNo works to report for 2017Cheema, SaimaN/A
2017BiologyConference Presentation, otherDennehy, JohnAlrubaye H, Urgiles C, Ghusinga K, Singh A & Dennehy JJ. Dependency of bacteriophage lambda lysis time on host growth rate. Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students, Phoenix, AZ. 11/2/2017
2017BiologyConference Presentation, otherDennehy, JohnDennehy JJ, Urgiles C, Alrubaye H, Ghusinga K, Singh A. Does cell growth rate affect event timing in Escherichia coli? Texas Phages 2017, College Station, Texas.
2017BiologyConference Presentation, published as proceedingsDennehy, JohnBlotnick JA, Vargas CA, Dennehy JJ, Zurakowski R & Singh A. 2017. The effect of multiplicity of infection on the temperateness of a bacteriophage: implications for viral fitness. 56th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Melbourne, Australia.
2017BiologyGrantDennehy, JohnCUNY Advanced Science Center Seed Program—Does a Host-Acquired Factor Impact Fitness on Subsequent Hosts in an RNA Virus? 2017
2017BiologyGrantDennehy, JohnCUNY Interdisciplinary Research Grant Program—Impact of Urbanization on Soil Microbiomes and Viromes 2017
2017BiologyGrantDennehy, JohnNational Institutes of Health NIGMS R01—Consequences and Control of Randomness in the Timing of Intracellular Events 2017
2017BiologyJournal Article, peer-reviewedDennehy, JohnGhusinga K, Dennehy JJ & Singh A. 2017. First-passage time approach to controlling noise in timing of intra-cellular events. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 114: 693–698.
2017BiologyLecture (Invited)Dennehy, JohnEvent Timing in Single Cells. Department of Biology, Kent State University, Ohio. 2017.
2017BiologyConference Presentation, otherFath, KarlGarcia,J., S. Kumar, K.R. Fath. Effects of a novel cathepsin L inhibitor on cell motility and autophagy. Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students, Phoenix, AZ; November 2017.
2017BiologyGrantFath, KarlNSF RUI 1709711; Kumar,S. (PI); 08/01/2017 – 07/31/2020; My role: Collaborator
2017BiologyNo works to report for 2017Holtzman, Nathalia N/A
2017BiologyJournal Article, otherLahti, DavidJu, C. and D. C. Lahti. 2017. Review of Tim Burkhead, The Most Perfect Thing: Inside (and Outside) a Bird’s Egg. Auk: Ornithological Advances 134:922-924.
2017BiologyJournal Article, peer-reviewedLahti, DavidHabig, B., P. I. Chiyo, and D. C. Lahti. 2017. Male risk-taking is related to number of mates in a polygynous bird. Behavioral Ecology 28:541-548.
2017BiologyNo works to report for 2017Ma, PokayN/A
2017BiologyConference Presentation, otherMelendez, AliciaAmes, K., Da Cunha, D., Gonzalez, B., Konta, M., Lin, F., Shechter, G., Starikov, L., Wong, S., Bülow, H., and Meléndez, A. A non-cell-autonomous role of BEC-1/BECN1/Beclin1 in coordinating cell-cycle progression and stem cell proliferation during germline development. The 17th International Worm Meeting, June 21-25, 2017, UCLA, CA.
2017BiologyConference Presentation, otherMelendez, AliciaPalmisano, N.J., Rosario, N., Wysocki, M., Hong, M., Grant, B., and A. Meléndez (2017) The recycling endosome protein RAB-10 promotes autophagic flux and localization of the transmembrane protein ATG-9. North East Society for Developmental Biology meeting at MBL in Woods Hole, MA, April 27-30, 2017.
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