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                                      (Full Time Staff Evaluations due February 15th)

It’s that time again to evaluate your full time staff!

Please keep in mind that the evaluation process provides supervisors an opportunity to communicate performance feedback, plan upcoming goals, and assist employees with their individual Professional Development Plans. The process requires an effort by the employee being evaluated and the evaluator to identify strengths and improvement opportunities from a performance and development perspective.

The performance appraisal process should help employees progress towards their full potential while achieving departmental and institutional goals and objectives. Through this process, true teamwork, improved communication and maximum performance can be achieved.
It is meant to summarize and evaluate an employee’s overall performance for the year.

To ensure consistent implementation of the evaluation process, the following is suggested:


Supervisors should review the appraisal process with employees and set a time frame for completion.

Prior to the evaluation conference, the supervisor and the employee should separately review the employee’s current job description, accomplishments of the past year, strengths, areas to be improved, overall performance assessment and develop goals for the coming year.


Prior to the evaluation conference discussion, the supervisor should consider the following:

How did you communicate the performance expectations of the job?

How did you support the employee’s effort in meeting established goals?

What documentation do you have on file to provide more acceptable and meaningful feedback – both positive and negative?

What areas were done especially well? Why?

In what areas would you like to see improvement? Why?

How did you influence your employee in contributing to further the goals of your team and the College during this period?


The Performance Appraisal Form, which should not be completed prior to the conference being held, must be completed and signed by the Supervisor and Area Head. Any additional information, such as updated job descriptions, should be attached (please consult with OHR before an updated job description is finalized).

The completed evaluation should be reviewed with the employee. An employee may include or attach any comments, sign acknowledging that he or she has read the document, and return it to the supervisor. The supervisor must retain a copy of the appraisal for their file and give a copy to the employee. The original must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources on or before the close of business, January 31st of every year.

Supervisors are reminded that employees should have the opportunity to disagree, in whole or part, with the assessment. It should be made clear to the employees that they may attach written comments to the evaluation where appropriate.

Evaluation Forms 

Forms were sent in individual emails.  If you did not receive it for your staff, please contact


Should you have any questions, please contact
(718) 997-4455.


Appendix A: Performance Evaluation Form for Full Time Classified Employees

Use this form for the following employee titles:

Clerical, Administrative and Professional Titles – White Collar

v  Architect

v  Assistant Chief Engineer

v  Assistant Media Services Technician

v  Assistant Purchasing Agent

v  College Accountant

v  College Accounting Assistant

v  College Assistant

v  College Computer/Photo Typesetter

v  College Graphics Designer

v  College Interior Designer

v  College Print Shop Assistant

v  College Print Shop Associate

v  College Print Shop Coordinator

v  Construction Manager

v  CUNY Administrative Assistant

v  CUNY Office Assistant

v  CUNY Secretarial Assistant

v  Disability Accommodations Specialist

v  Facilities Coordinator

v  IT Support Assistant

v  IT Assistant

v  IT Associate

v  IT Senior Associate

v  Laboratory Helper

v  Mail/Message Services Worker

v  Media Services Technician

v  Project Manager

v  Purchasing Agent

v  Radio and TV Operator

v  Sign Language Interpreter

v  Staff Nurse

v  Superintendent of Construction

Custodial, Stores-Stock and Security – Blue Collar

v  City Custodial Assistant

v  CUNY Custodial Assistant

v  Custodial Assistant

v  Elevator Operator

v  Elevator Starter

v  Exterminator

v  Gardener

v  Motor Vehicle Operator

v  Principal Park Supervisor

v  Principal Park Supervisor

v  Stock Worker

v  Supervisor

v  Supervisor of Stock Workers

220 Skilled Trades

v  Auto Mechanic

v  Carpenter

v  Cement Mason

v  City Laborer

v  Electrician

v  Electrician's Helper

v  Elevator Mechanic

v  High Pressure Plant Tender

v  Laborer

v  Locksmith

v  Machinist

v  Maintenance Worker

v  Oiler (CUNY)

v  Painter

v  Plumber

v  Plumber's Helper

v  Roofer

v  Senior Stationary Engineer

v  Stationary Engineer

v  Steamfitter

v  Steamfitter's Helper

v  Supervisor Carpenter

v  Supervisor Electrician

v  Supervisor of Mechanics

v  Supervisor Painter

v  Supervisor Plumber

v  Supervisor Thermostat Repairer

v  Thermostat Repairer


Appendix B: Performance Evaluation: Sub-Managerial Supervisory Position in Buildings & Grounds

Use this form for the following employee titles:

v  Principal Custodial Supervisor

v  Assistant Principal Custodial Supervisor

v  Senior Custodial Supervisor

v  Custodial Supervisor


Appendix C: Campus Peace Officer Performance Appraisal

Use this form for the following employee titles:

v  Temporary Sergeant

v  Temporary Officer

v  Probationary Sergeant

v  Probationary Officer

v  Provisional Sergeant

v  Provisional Officer

v  Permanent Sergeant

v  Permanent Officer

v  Campus Security Assistant

v  Provisional Campus Security Assistant

v  Campus Security Assistant (Hourly)

Appendix D: Performance Accountability Assessment and Conference Form

Use this form for the following employee titles:

Full Time Classified Managerial Titles

v  Administrative Superintendent of Campus Buildings and Grounds

v  Assistant College Security Director

v  Chief Administrative Superintendent of Campus Buildings and Grounds

v  College Security Director

v  IT Computer Operations Manager

v  IT Computer Systems Manager

v  IT Computer Systems Manager (Hourly)

Appendix E: CUNY Evaluation Memorandum – HEO Series

Use this form for the following employee titles:

Higher Education Officers

v  Assistant to Higher Education Officer

v  Higher Education Assistant

v  Higher Education Associate

v  Higher Education Officer

Appendix F: Non-Supervisory Non-Teaching Instructional Staff (Rating Form N)

Use this form for the following employee titles:

v  College Laboratory Technicians

v  Research Assistant

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