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Dining Etiquette

If your office visit or interview includes a lunch or dinner, that should be        considered as part of the interview, and not just as a casual occasion. Therefore, it is very important to observe very proper table manners. Here are some tips:

  • If you have dietary restrictions, make sure they know that when you schedule the meeting.  
  • Turn off your cell phone!
  • Choose items from the middle of the price range that are easy to eat but that you do not eat with your hands (i.e. sandwiches, fried chicken). Do not order huge quantities of food. Order simple dishes that will not be messy or odorous (raw onions, garlic, etc.). Allow the interviewer to order first if possible, and follow his/her lead.
  • When dining as part of a job interview, generally the interviewer pays. (When dining with co-workers, generally each individual pays for him or herself.)
  • Put your napkin on your lap once you sit down. If you must leave the table (i.e. to use the restroom), leave your napkin on your chair until you return. Avoid using your napkin as a tissue (if you must wipe your nose, leave the table).
  • Avoid ordering any kind of alcoholic beverages.
  • If you drop a utensil, leave it and asked the waiter for another.
  • Your water glass should be to your right. Use the utensils farthest from your plate first and work your way in.
  • When eating a roll or bread, put a pat of butter on your plate, break small pieces of bread, and butter each piece as you go.
  • When you take a break from eating, place utensils so the tips are resting on your plate, not on the table.
  • Do not request to take your leftovers home with you.
  • If a food item is being shared, designate a serving fork, knife or spoon rather than one you will be eating with.
  • Do not speak with food in your mouth. Take small bites at a time and chew with your mouth closed. If asked a question while you are eating, then finish chewing, swallow, and then speak.
  • At the end of the meal, put your napkin back on the table (but not on the plate).
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