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Career Planning

Career Assessment


If you're interested in signing up for FOCUS2​ online career assessment, please contact the office at Frese Hall, Room 213 @ (718)-997-4465.

You can also make an appointment at the office for individualized career assessment and counseling. A career counselor can help you identify your career interests, explore career goals, and discuss job search strategies in your specific area of interest. You can discuss resumes and cover letters as well as conduct mock interviews to prepare for your internships and job interviews.

You can make appointments with a career counselor to discuss:

    • How to choose a major
    • Identify and explore career interests and career options
    • Refine internships and jobs search skills
    • Review your resume and cover letter 
    • Improve presentation and interviewing skills

The Office of Career Development and Internships is your resource for these and other questions you might have about making decisions concerning majors and career plans. Come in and talk to us.

Roadmap for Academic & Career Success

Freshmen Year (upper: 12 - 27 credits)

  • Identify your personal interests, skills and values.
  • Explore different academic disciplines.
  • Gather information about interesting academic majors and occupations at the Office of Career Development and Internships.
  • Talk to your academic advisor and a career counselor at the Office of Career Development and Internships about making decisions.

Sophomore (28 - 60 credits)

  • Review skills, interests and values with a career counselor.
  • Come to the Office of Career Development and Internships for assessment and counseling on how to choose a major.
  • Select a major that is consistent with your interests, values and skills.
  • Explore options for career-related experience such as internship, part-time job, summer job, etc.
  • Discuss your educational and career plan with a counselor.

            Junior (61 - 93 credits)

  • Begin thinking about possible options after graduation such as graduate school, employment opportunities, etc.
  • Explore career possibilities using the resources of the Office of Career Development and Internships.
  • Identify two or three career opportunities that interest you and explore these in depth.
  • Sign up for an internship experience related to your major or minor.
  • Work to establish professional contacts and acquaint yourself with professional publications.

Senior (94 - 120 credits)

  • Apply for and take the necessary examinations for graduate studies, professional schools, etc.
  • Register early with the Office of Career Development and Internships and participate in on-campus recruitment and other employment opportunities.
  • Attend workshops on resume writing, interviewing techniques and job search strategies.
  • Establish a credentials file, using information available at the Office of Career Development and Internships.
  • Interview personal and professional contacts for information about career fields of interest to you.
  • Check the job and career opportunities sources at the Office of Career Development and Internships for potential employment prospects.


The above tips along with the information you will be getting from your academic departments will help you to focus on the choices and decisions you will have to make in the semesters ahead.

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