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7 Pillars


We built a student residence that is eligible for LEED Silver and an addition to Remsen that incorporated energy efficiency measures.  We have several studies of our buildings in progress that will provide recommendations for energy efficient retrofits to those buildings and our goal is to move forward on those upgrades.  We would like to have a solar project and a green roof.  O’Brian and Gere will provide us with a menu of energy savings projects in their energy audit of our facilities and we plan to implement any that are financially feasible.  Any new equipment we purchase will be evaluated in terms of energy-efficiency.  If we receive funding, we would like to replace all of our outdoor lighting with either LED or induction lighting.


We are focusing on bathroom retro fits to save water including water-efficient toilet flushes and sensor activated sink faucets. We have a long-term goal of having some type of “grey water” project. 


We have Zip Cars, the car sharing vendor, on campus.  We will continue to expand the percentage of our fleet that is either electric or hybrid.  We will also create incentives for the use of alternative transportation, like biking, public transportation, and car pooling.

Recycling/Source Reduction:

We will reduce the total amount of waste produced and expand the percentage of the waste that is recycled.  We will continue to use technology to reduce our use of paper, moving more or our processes and communication online.  We will examine the amount of printing and copying and reduce.  With our dining services, we will explore composting. 


We are now purchasing paper that has 100% recycled content for copying.  We will expand the percentage of products that are “green”.  We will continue to use “cradle to grave” sustainable products, like carpeting that has recycled elements and is recyclable at the end of its life cycle.   We will engage in a mail initiative to reduce the amount of unwanted mail that comes to the campus.

Sustainable Nutrition:

We signed a 10 year contract with Chartwells, our food vendor that incorporated sustainable practices and goals including using “green” service ware, local sourcing, and recycling.  We will implement those practices and goals.

Education and Outreach

We will continue our education and outreach efforts through a website, ‘green” events and other means.  We will increase student, faculty, and staff engagement.  We will increase the number of courses we offer that have an environmental focus.  Our faculty will continue the important research they are doing on environmental topics


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Queens College Council on Sustainability
Staci Hope Cohen
Project Manager Sustainable Initiatives

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