Karl Fath

Dr. Karl Fath

Assistant Professor
(Ph.D.Case Western Reserve University)
Cell polarity, Golgi membrane trafficking, cytoskeletal motors
Office: NSB E -122 Tel: (718) 997- 3424
Laboratory: NSB E-133 Tel. (718) 997-3157
E-mail: karl.fath@qc.cuny.edu
My research is directed toward elucidation of the roles of the cytoskeleton in the formation and maintenance of cell polarity. Not only is the cytoskeleton a scaffold crucial to cell shape, it also serves as the tracks or highways upon which cell components are delivered to their correct cellular destinations. The constituents of the apical cytoskeleton and plasma membrane are important in the physiology of polarized intestinal epithelial cells. I have found that myosin-I, a nonmuscle actin-based motor, and dynein, a microtubule-based motor, are bound to Golgi-derived vesicles and may be important in the targeting and delivery to the apical plasma membrane domain. The mistargeting of plasma membrane proteins can cause illnesses such as microvillus inclusion disease and polycystic kidney disease, therefore, an understanding of delivery mechanisms may provide therapeutic tools.
A-549 (human epithelial-like cell line) cells double-labeled for polymerized actin (red) and the coatomer protein beta-COP (green), which is involved in membrane movement along the biosynthetic pathway.

A-549 (human epithelial-like cell line) cells double-labeled for polymerized actin (red) and the coatomer protein beta-COP (green), which is involved in membrane movement along the biosynthetic pathway.

Selected Publications:

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