Full Time Faculty

  • All office and laboratory locations are in the New Science Building, Queens College, unless otherwise indicated.
  • All phone numbers are (718) 99#-####.

Sebastian Alvarado

Sebastian Alvarado (Ph.D., McGill University)

Neuroepigenetics, DNA methylation, histone modification, pigmentation, nucleome, behavior

Mitchell BakerMitchell Baker (Ph.D., University of California at Davis)

Behavioral ecology, resistance evolution

DNA structure

Saima Cheema (Ph.D., City University of New York)

Joanna ColemanJoanna Coleman (Ph.D., University of Calgary)

Urban ecology, biodiversity conservation, human dimensions, urban sustainability

John DennehyJohn Dennehy (Ph.D., Clark University)

Experimental evolution, bacteriophage biology, evolutionary ecology

 Timothy DuBuc (Ph.D., University of Hawai’i at Manoa)

Developmental biology, stem and germ cell biology, regeneration and growth

Karl Fath

Karl Fath (Ph.D.Case Western Reserve University)

Cell polarity, Golgi membrane trafficking, cytoskeletal motors

Nathalia Glickman Holtzman

Nathalia Glickman Holtzman (Interim Associate Provost of Innovation and Student Success) (Ph.D., University of Oregon)

Developmental genetics and organ morphogenesis in zebrafish

David C. Lahti

David C. Lahti (Ph.D., University of Michigan)

Natural selection, trait evolution, animal behavior, cultural evolution

PoKay MaPoKay Ma  (PhD., Washington University, St. Louis)

Neurophysiology, nervous system and behavior

Alicia Meléndez

Alicia Meléndez (Ph.D., Columbia University)

Developmental genetics and autophagy in C. elegans

Esther Muehlbauer

Esther Muehlbauer (Ph.D., New York University)

Estuarine ecology, herpetology, evolution

Cathy Savage-Dunn

Cathy Savage-Dunn (Ph.D., Columbia University)

Developmental genetics and molecular biology of C. elegans

Timothy Short

Timothy Short (Ph.D., Stanford University)

Molecular biology, plant physiology

Jon A. Sperling

Jon A. Sperling (Ph.D., University of Michigan)

Natural history

Maral TajerianMaral Tajerian (Ph.D., McGill University)

Brain physiology, extracellular matrix plasticity, chronic pain


Mika Vesanen (Ph.D., University of Helsinki)

John Waldman

John Waldman (Ph.D., City University of New York)

Ecology, evolution, conservation biology

Daniel Weinstein

Daniel Weinstein (Dean of Faculty, School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) (Ph.D., The Rockefeller University)

Vertebrate molecular embryology, mechanisms of cell fate suppression

Emeritus Faculty

Peter Chabora

Peter Chabora (Ph.D., Cornell University)

Population ecology, evolution of parasite-host interactions

Andrew Greller

Andrew Greller

Bioclimatology, forest ecology, tropical botany

Roberta Koepfer

Roberta Koepfer (Ph.D., City University of New York)

Speciation, behavioral ecology

Corinne Michels

Corinne Michels (Ph.D., Columbia University)

Molecular genetics, regulation of gene expression, yeast genetics

Jared L. Rifkin

Jared L. Rifkin (Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University)

Cell physiology, developmental mechanisms and chemotaxis in cellular slime molds

Uldis RozeUldis Roze (Ph.D., Washington University)

Natural history, mammalogy, biology of the porcupine

DNA structure

Jeanne Szalay

Cell biology, tumor biology, metastasis, immunology

Zahra ZakeriZahra Zakeri (Ph.D., St. John’s University)

Molecular developmental biology, regulation of gene expression in cell death, development, and disease