Registration Forms

Emailing registration forms:  Students can pre-register online but can submit registration forms by email. If you do so, please email the forms to the Biology Office staff ( If you are unable to view the hyperlinks, staff email addresses follow this pattern:

This is the form to use for adding and dropping courses.

Not sure how to fill out the registration form?   See this instructional document and sample form:

Forms Requiring Instructor Permission: Students must have instructor permission for the following forms: Pre-Requisite Waiver, Registration Approval, Overtally, Undergraduate and Graduate Research Registration Forms. Please submit these completed forms to your instructor. The instructor will notify the Office Staff of the approval.

This form is used if the student does not have prerequisites and the instructor gives permission for the student to take the course anyway.

Faculty can approve extra students to enroll in lecture courses. However, it is the policy of the Biology Department NOT to overtally students into courses that have a LAB component.

This form is used if a student needs special permission to take a course.

Students must complete this form in order to register for undergraduate research for credit (BIO 390-396). It requires the signature of a faculty mentor, who will decide on the requirements for the course, including how the student’s work will be assessed.  If students wish to submit the form electronically they must first gain mentor approval.  The mentor will email the Biology Office to approve registration.  Please see Research Opportunities for more information.

On-Time Registration for Research:  Please note that students must register for research or tutorial within the same registration deadlines as any other courses. Students cannot register for these classes at random times during the semester, but only during the set registration periods.

Students must complete this form in order to register for graduate research or tutorial.  This form requires 2 signatures: the mentor, and and the Graduate Research Coordinator (David Lahti).  If students wish to submit the forms electronically they must first gain mentor approval.  The mentor will email the Graduate Research Coordinator, who will forward the correspondence to the Office Staff with approval.


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