​Academic Requirements

The Major

Majors must take a minimum of 36 credits in Jewish Studies at least 21 in residence at QC broken down into the following categories:

Core Curriculum: 9 credits fulfilled by selecting any 2 from among History 114, 115, 116,and 1 course in Jewish philosophy and thought, such as, but not limited to, Philosophy 250, 251, 252 and Religious Studies 103.

Intermediate and Advanced Courses: 24 credits fulfilled by selecting 8 courses at the 200 level or above, 6 of which must come from a concentration in two of the disciplinary areas comprising Jewish Studies, such as Jewish history, Jewish philosophy and thought, and Jewish literature.

Senior Seminar: 3 credits fulfilled either by enrolling in Jewish Studies 365 and undertaking an independent research tutorial approved and guided by a Jewish Studies faculty member, or by enrolling in a senior seminar/colloquium in the departments of History, Philosophy, Classical Languages and Literatures, English, Sociology, and Political Science and writing a research paper on a Jewish-related topic.

In addition, majors must fulfill a language requirement that is independent of the 36 hour major, and show competence in either Hebrew or Yiddish through the 4th level (204).

The Minor

The minor consists of 21 credits in Jewish Studies at least 12 taken at QCC divided into the following categories:

Core Curriculum: 9 credits with the same stipulations as the major (see above)

Intermediate and Advanced Courses: 12 credits with at least 3 courses in one disciplinary area.

There is a language requirement, independent of the 21 credit minor, which requires competence through the 3rd level of Hebrew or Yiddish (203).