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Why Jewish Studies?

  1. Interest in studying Jewish culture and civilization and find it intellectually satisfying and personally fulfilling.
  2. Pursue A Minor If You Have Another Major: Your official transcript professional schools, or prospective employers that you are a more serious and well-rounded individual.
  3. Pursue A Major: if you have a deep love for Jewish history, religion, philosophy, sociology, Hebrew and Yiddish languages and literatures. The Jewish Studies Program offers a splendid array of introductory and advanced academic courses in these areas.
  4. If you have another major, you might consider a double major.
What can you do with a Minor or Major in Jewish Studies?
  1. Something: students pursuing a Jewish Studies degree who wish to use it professionally may consider careers in:
  • Jewish education and educational administration
  • Jewish communal service and organizational leadership
  • Jewish scholarship
  • Jewish journalism
  • The rabbinate

Our majors and minors have pursued all these options.

2. Nothing: students pursuing a degree in Jewish Studies may have no intention of using that as a springboard to graduate school or a career in a Jewish-related field.They would then be treating their Jewish Studies course of study as a liberal arts program, no different than if they were majoring in english, philosophy, sociology, political science, for example, without intending to go on to graduate schools in those areas. With a B.A. or minor in Jewish Studies, students can pursue the very same careers open to all graduates with a general humanistic education, including:

  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Businessm
  • Education
  • Social Work
  • Government
  • Civil Service

Jewish Studies students have ventured into all these fields, as well as entered the work force immediately upon graduation. 

The Jewish Studies Program prides itself on honing the critical thinking and writing skills of its students, enhancing their readiness for post-graduate work and/or a fulfilling career upon graduation. Its faculty and director stand ready to advise students about career options and to help them structure a course of study most beneficial to their professional goals and congenial to their personal needs.

Not sure what you want to do?
Why not explore your options by consulting with any of the Jewish Studies faculty or meeting with the Director of the Jewish Studies Program, Professor Mark Rosenblum.  He will be happy to get together and advise you as to what is the best course of study for you.

To set up an appointment call 718-997-4530 or 4531.


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