College Recommendation Information

Students who complete a registered teacher preparation program, including the NYS required workshops, will be recommended for certification. The college recommendation is completed by the recommending institution using the TEACH Online Services system (it is an electronic entry, not a letter). The institution also provides applicants with student application information outlining all the information the student needs in order to apply for a certificate through the “Approved Teacher Preparation Program” application pathway. College recommended applicants must also satisfy the testing requirement and obtain fingerprint clearance before the certificate can be issued.

How to Submit the College Recommendation Request

Log-in to Anthology Portfolio and look for the Teacher Certification folder in your table of contents.  Follow the instructions to fill out the college recommendation request, upload proof of workshop completion, fill out the completer survey, and submit the request.  After you click the submit button, select “Teacher Certification” as the assessor.

Students in the following programs not using Anthology Portfolio – Bilingual Extensions, Library Media Specialist-Certified Teachers, and TESOL & Bilingual 1-6 Post Masters: Please submit the following College Recommendation Request Form

Alumni – Graduates who previously completed an Approved Teacher Preparation Program at Queens College and were not recommended at the time of program completion: Please submit the following College Recommendation Request Form


When to Submit the College Recommendation Request


Spring Graduates: March 15 – May 20

Summer Graduates: July 1 – August 15

Fall Graduates: November 15 – December 20

Apply for Graduation

All students must apply for graduation on CUNYFirst (this includes students completing Advanced Certificate programs).

Graduation Application Deadlines:

  • Fall Graduation – November 1st
  • Spring Graduation – March 1st
  • Summer Graduation – July 1st

Please Note

  • The certification exams do not need to be completed in order to receive College Recommendation.
  • The college cannot recommend you for certification until AFTER your Degree or Advanced Certificate has been awarded on your transcript.

Apply for Certification

  • After you have been recommended enter an application for certification on your TEACH Account.
  • Check the status of your application or view issued certificate(s). Go to TEACH Home → Account Information → Certificates

Proof of Workshop Completion

Sample Screen Shot

To show proof of completion of the required workshops you may upload any of the following:

  • A screenshot or printout from your NYSED TEACH Account showing the completed workshops (your name must be included in the shot).
  • NYSED Certificate of Completion forms (please fill out the “Trainee” information in Part A).
  • A college transcript showing the completed workshops.
  • Students that hold a current valid certificate and were recommended by a college for certification after 5/1/2014 may upload a screenshot of their issued certificate(s) (your name must be included in the shot).


Workshops required for College Recommendation:


Degree Audit and Conferral

Degree conferral does NOT take place immediately upon completion of your program.  After grades have been posted and the college’s grading process is complete, the Graduation Audit Unit will conduct the final degree audit and post the degree conferral on students’ transcripts.  Only students who have met all requirements for graduation will be conferred.  Your conferral date is the official graduation date on your transcript and diploma.

Fall degree
Conferral Date: January 1

Winter degree
Conferral Date: February 1

Spring degree
Conferral Date: Date of Commencement (Approximately June 1)

Summer degree
Conferral Date: September 1

Degree Audit Process

The official audit is conducted by the QC Hub, Graduation Audit Unit, and supersedes all other indications that the student has completed all the degree requirements. The degree audit is the final step before degree conferral.

  • Step 1: File for graduation via your CUNYfirst account. Please be aware of the application deadline.
    Once complete your graduation status will be listed as “Applied for Graduation.”
  • Step 2: Your student record will be reviewed for completion of the college’s general education requirements, pending the completion of the current semester’s coursework.
    Once complete your graduation status will change to “Program in Review.”
  • Step 3: Your student record will then be reviewed for major/minor specific requirements.
    Once complete your graduation status will change to “Needs to Finish Pending Work.”
  • Step 4: After grades have been posted to your account and the college’s grading process is complete, a final review of your application will be completed, and the graduation notation will be posted. Once complete your graduation status will change to “Degree Awarded.”

Check your unofficial student transcript through Self Service > Academic Records to see your degree conferred.

This process cannot be expedited.

Confirm your Social Security Number on CUNYFirst

The Social Security Number used to create your NYSED TEACH Online account is required to enter the College Recommendation.  To prevent any delays in processing your College Recommendation, please confirm the correct number is on your CUNYFirst Account.  For assistance updating your SSN on CUNYFirst contact the QC HUB – Registrar.

International Students: If you do not have a U.S. Social Security Number, please use the OTI contact form to request a “TEACH Access Number” to create your TEACH Account. Select the Administrative form and attach a PDF-formatted copy of either a valid passport or a valid visa.  You will need to supply the “TEACH Access Number” on your college recommendation request.