The Film Studies Minor

21 credits / Minor code 42

Students minoring in Film Studies must complete three required courses (9 credits) in addition to four electives (12 credits). These electives can include any of the elective courses listed below in addition to MEDST 200 or MEDST 341W.  Students must receive a grade of C or higher for a course to count toward the minor.

Required Courses for Minors:

  • MEDST 143: History of Cinema 1 (1880-1930) [typically offered once per year]
  • MEDST 144: History of Cinema 2 (1930-1970) [typically offered once per year]
  • MEDST 240: Styles of Cinema [typically offered every semester]


The following courses are approved electives for the Film Studies major and minor. Additional approved courses may be offered during a given semester; please check the schedule listing frequently for updates and special offerings. Unless otherwise noted, all courses listed will be conducted in English. Some of these courses are variable topics classes, whose subject matter may change from semester to semester (e.g. Studies in Genre might be Melodrama one semester, and TV Sitcoms the next). Not all of these topics will be relevant to, or count toward, the Film Studies degrees; please check the Schedule page to verify topics in advance.

  • Art History 202
  • Comparative Literature 241: Literature and the Movies
  • English 280: Literature and Film
  • English 285: Studies in Literature and Film
  • French 250/250W: French Cinema
  • German 250/250W: German Cinema
  • History 370: Film and History
  • Italian 250/250W: Italian Cinema
  • Media Studies 146: History of Cinema 3 (1970-the present)
  • Media Studies 244: 16mm Film Production
  • Media Studies 245: Screenwriting
  • Media Studies 263:The American Film Industry
  • Media Studies 265: Producing Independent Movies
  • Media Studies 342/342W*: Special Topics in Genre (check topics – not all sections are film courses)
  • Media Studies 343/343W: Non-Fiction Forms
  • Media Studies 344/344W*: National Cinemas
  • Media Studies 345/345W*: Great Directors
  • Media Studies 346/346W: African-Americans in American Film and Television
  • Media Studies 381/381W*: Advanced Studies in Media (check topics – not all sections are film courses)
  • Philosophy 105: Film/Philosophy/Politics
  • Political Science 228: American Politics and Film
  • Russian 244/244W: Russian and East European Film
  • Sociology 249: Sociology of Cinema
  • Spanish 291: Hispanic Cinema
    *May be taken twice for credit if course content changes.