Welcome to the The Film Studies Program
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Office Information

Coordinator: Julian Cornell
(Media Studies)
Dept. Office: G Building 102D
Email: julian.cornell@qc.cuny.edu
Phone: 718-997-2992

The Film Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary approach to the field of cinema.  Film Studies students take courses across a number of departments (including Media Studies, English, Sociology, Comparative Literature, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Art History, Italian, French, Spanish, German, and Russian). Our objective is to explore many facets of cinema as an art: students will become versed in film aesthetics, in the history of film technology and the structures of the industry, in the evolution of major movements in global cinema, in mainstream and alternative filmic traditions, and in the cultural and political impact of film as a form of mass communication.  There is a strong emphasis on writing in the program, including both academic (film analysis, research projects) and professional (screenwriting, treatments, film criticism) approaches.