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The Media Studies department at Queens College boasts world-renowned professors who are experts film and television studies, advertising and marketing, international communications, digital media, and the media arts. Media Studies majors get to create individualized programs in consultation with faculty mentors. New York City plays a major role in QC’s Media Studies program and students who attend events in the five boroughs may earn credits by interning at major corporate and public institutions in the greater New York area.

The Media Studies Department recognizes that today’s media range from traditional print vehicles to digital publications, from professional film and TV to do-it-yourself videos broadcast through social networks. Media Studies covers all of these platforms and educates students in necessary critical skills for anyone entering any profession where information shared and exchanged. QC Media Studies has an undergraduate program that explores media institutions, forms, contents, creative processes, and social effects and a Masters Program that enhances these skills and incorporates advanced learning, activism, and social justice endeavors.

Location: G Building

Main Contact Email: mediastudies@qc.cuny.edu

Main Phone Number: 718-997-2950


Chair: Amy Herzog
Dept. Office: G Building 100
Phone: 718-997-2950
Email: amy.herzog@qc.cuny.edu

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Photo of students learning podcasting from their professor. The image shows two students in the foreground with headphones on and professor Douglas Rushkoff pointing at a computer screenMedia Studies is a multidisciplinary department that examines the various delivery systems for informational and cultural resources—print, film, television, advertising, video games, the internet, mobile phones—and their global social, cultural, economic, and political impact. Media Studies also looks at the range of institutions involved in shaping and transmitting representational material.


The undergraduate program encompasses the aesthetic and historical study of old and new media, as well as courses in advertising and marketing. After completing core requirements, Media Studies majors are encouraged to concentrate in areas that interest them.

Little lights that form a fist breaking through a glass. The text on the left-hand side reads “MA in Media Studies”.The graduate program is designed for individuals who want to understand and use the media to address social and political issues. With its mix of academic research and practical assignments, the curriculum is of value to current media professionals, as well as people from a diversity of backgrounds.