Master of Science in Education Program

The Master of Science in Education Program (Spanish) responds to the needs of teachers and prospective teachers of foreign languages. The degree program combines coursework in (1) culture, literature, and language, (2) foreign language education, and (3) professional education. The courses in culture, literature, and language are given by the department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures. The courses in foreign language education and professional education are offered by the School of Education.

For admission requirements to Secondary Education programs, see their entries.

Requirements for Matriculation

In addition to the general college admission requirements, applicants should have:

  1. Strong undergraduate concentration in Spanish, consisting of at least 21 credits above SPAN 204.
  2. Either an undergraduate minor in Secondary Education or completion of the following sequence of courses as part of the Secondary Education Initial Certificate:


wdt_ID Class Credits
1 SEYS 536. Educational Foundations 3 cr.
2 SEYS 552. Educational Psychology 3 cr.
3 SEYS 564. Seminar in Teaching Foreign Languages 3 cr.
4 SEYS 574. Student Teaching 3 cr.
5 SEYS 584. Standards-Based Curriculum & Assessment in Teaching Foreign Languages 3 cr.
6 SEYS 700. Language, Literacy & Culture in Education 3 cr.

Students should meet with the Graduate Advisors in both the Department of Secondary Education and the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures as soon as possible to plan their program of study and submit it for approval.

The Master of Science in Secondary Education: Spanish program consists of 33 credits: 15 credits of 700-level education coursework and 18 credits of 700-level coursework in Spanish. A minimum of 3.0 is required to enter and remain in the program.  All candidates have a portfolio exit requirement.

Course Breakdown

1. Five courses (15 cr.) in Secondary Education:

a)  One course from the area of Foundations of Education: SEYS 701-708,  720 (3 cr.). (Prereq.: SEYS 201W or 536.)
b)  One course from the area of Psychological Foundations: SEYS 709, 710, 717, 718, 719, 738 or 768 (3 cr.).  (Prereq.: SEYS 221 and 350, or 552.)
c) SEYS 743: Curriculum and Instruction in Foreign Language Education (3 cr.). (Prereq.: SEYS 364 or 564.)
d) SEYS 785: Seminar in Research in Foreign Language Education (3 cr.).  (Prereq.: SEYS 743.)
e)  SEYS 786. Advanced Seminar in Research in Foreign Language Education (3 cr.). (Prereq.: SEYS 785.)
f) As an exit requirement candidates will complete a professional portfolio based on INTASC World Language Standards and Queens College conceptual framework (3 Es) to represent all content in MSEd. The candidate will also defend the portfolio with a panel of faculty members.

2. Six courses (18 cr.) from the Spanish Graduate program. These courses are to be distributed as follows:

a)  Two courses (6 cr.) in Language and Linguistics, including SPAN 700.
b) Three courses (9 cr.) in Literature.
c) One course (3 cr.) in Culture and Civilization.  This requirement may be met by either
SPAN 772 or 774.