The Major in Spanish

The Major in Spanish

The Major in Spanish consists of 36 credits taken in the following sequence:

  1. Required (27 credits): SPAN 221 (for native speakers) or SPAN 222 (for non-native speakers), SPAN 224, 225, 240 (these courses are prerequisites for all higher-numbered courses), SPAN 250, 260, 280, and 290 (one or more of these courses is prerequisite for all higher-numbered literature courses), and SPAN 310 or 312.
  2. Electives: 9 additional credits chosen from the following courses, including at least one capstone/writing-intensive seminar (SPAN 390 [literature] or 391 [language]); SPAN 350, 337, 338, 340, 341, 350–353, 356–359, 370, 371–374, 377–379, 390, and 391.

Note: Majors must file a Concentration Form with the Department after consulting an advisor. Approval for Student Teaching requires a 3.0 average and a grade of B in Conversation and Grammar.

The Minor in Spanish

Eighteen (18) credits in Spanish beyond the level of SPAN 112, appropriate to the linguistic proficiency and interests of the student and chosen in consultation with a departmental advisor, are required for the Minor in Spanish. Minors must also file departmental concentration forms.

Undergraduate Advisor

Students are encouraged to meet with the department’s undergraduate advisor to discuss their academic progress.