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Updated Spring 2022 Guidance Forthcoming.

 General Programs and Services

  • Athletics
    • The return of intramural sports is a key dynamic in providing a fun and safe environment for the students at Queens College. Intramural sports, such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, and aquatics, serve as a major social component of the students’ lives. Though this return can be challenging, utilizing NYS DOH guidelines will allow the Athletics and Recreation Department to provide a fun and safe environment as we return to normalcy. All students participating in intramural sports must be vaccinated. Intramural sports will be listed weekly with sign up; walk-ins will be allowed on the day of the activity, but only until maximum capacity is reached. All individuals will be encouraged to sign up for these events in advance to reserve their spot. For more information, visit our Athletics webpage or email:​.​

  • Commencement 2022
  • Dining and Food Services
    • Food services on campus are “grab and go”. Learn more on our Use of Campus Facilities​ page. Dining Services has temporarily moved from the Dining Hall to the Student Union. Food service hours of operation in the SU’s dining facilities, located in the main lobby, will be Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Read more:

  • Events
    • The Office of Student Affairs will have a full calendar of events, programs, and meetings of registered student organizations throughout the semester. Peer services will also be available. Please refer to the college's calendarFacebookstudent-focused Twitter and Instagram for news on campus events.  

  • Information Technology Services
    • ​For IT support, you may live chat with the helpdesk at, email questions to, or call the Distance Learning Student Hotline at (718) 997-3000.

      Download or get help with Adobe Creative Cloud, Blackboard, CUNY Webex, Distance Learning, and VPN connections.

  • Kupferberg Center for the Arts
    • The Kupferberg Center for the Arts, the largest multi-disciplinary arts complex in Queens, will reopen in Fall 2021 to fulfill its mission to provide high quality, accessible, and affordable cultural attractions to the Queens College community and borough's 2.3 million residents. All personnel, performers when not performing, and audience members must wear acceptable face coverings when indoors in shared spaces. Audience members will be required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 PCR result dated within 72 hours of the performance. All pre-show communications, including but not limited to website FAQs, social media pages, and emails, will provide clear and concise directions and a description of the services (which will be limited.) For more information, visit Kupferberg's website. ​

  • Laptop Loan
  • Library Services
  • Parking
    • Student Parking Information  

      The online parking application system will be up and running on Thursday, August 26. To apply for parking on or after August 26, go to   

      Please note: Parking decals will not be granted by lottery this semester but will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. We anticipate having enough parking on campus to accommodate all students who wish to purchase decals, but we advise you to apply early. 


      After applying online, you will need to come to campus to complete your purchase.  Payment will be accepted Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 2 pm in Jefferson Hall, Room 201. You may pay by check, money order, or credit card only; cash will not be accepted. You must show a valid driver’s license and a valid vehicle registration that is in your name, a family member’s name (with the same last name), or in the name of someone who lives at the same home address as you do. Please be reminded that when on campus, you must wear a mask in shared indoor spaces.  


      In order to make it easier for you to come to campus to pay for and pick up your decal, the Office of Public Safety is extending a courtesy parking period on campus through Tuesday, September 7. This permits you to come to campus and park without a valid parking permit for one campus visit. Parking will be available in Lots 5, 14, 15N, or 15S only. After September 7, you must have a valid permit to park on campus or you will risk being ticketed, booted, or towed at your expense.  

      Faculty and Staff Parking Information   

      Full-time faculty/staff reporting to campus on a regular basis can purchase an annual decal to park on site for $275. Annual permits purchased pre-COVID (for the 2019-2020 academic year, with an expiration date of October 1, 2020) will be honored until October 1, 2021. All other permits will be on sale beginning August 16, 2021, and will continue to be sold on an ongoing basis as necessary. ​  


      ***Please note that the parking system may say you have already applied for your 2020 permit, this is expected and should be ignored, your permit will still be processed for 2021/2022. ​

      For more information on parking, visit: 

  • Public Safety
    • ​For Public Safety concerns, please call (718) 997-5911/5912.

  • QC Venue Rentals
    • The Queens College Department of Venue rentals has continued to successfully operate during the pandemic. External rentals have been limited to film and television shoots only, all done in strict compliance with all CUNY and QC pandemic guidelines. For more information, email:

  • QCards
    • If you do not yet have a QCard, please follow these steps to get one:



      • Upload vaccination verification to CUNYfirst
      • You will receive an email invitation to get your QCard. Emails will be sent based on immediate need to access campus (e.g., Summit residents, athletes, students in in-person and hybrid courses will receive emails first)
      • Submit photo per instructions provided in the email
      • Make an appointment to pick up your QCard from Public Safety at the Main Gate (Kissena Boulevard)
      • When you arrive for your appointment, show the email to Public Safety officers who will give you your QCard
      • Use your QCard to access campus.



  • Shuttle Bus
  • Social Distancing and PPE Use
    • Untitled Document

      • Queens College is following CDC and New York State guidelines​Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a face mask inside campus and office buildings. This includes working in a non-enclosed space (cubicle or other open seating regardless of physical distance from others). Masks must be worn outdoors on campus when unable to maintain physical distance from others. The only exceptions to wearing a mask are: if a fully vaccinated person is alone in an enclosed space (private office, conference room, dorm, etc.), if a fully vaccinated professor is teaching a class and is able to keep social distance from everyone else in the class, he or she may choose not to wear a mask, and briefly while eating or drinking, providing social distancing is maintained. A minimum of 3' x 3' social distancing will be implemented in classrooms, instructional laboratories, offices and other shared spaces. A distance of at least six feet will be maintained among unvaccinated individuals while on campus, inclusive of faculty, staff, and students, to the extent possible. This will apply only when seated in a classroom or meeting, unless safety or the core activity (e.g., moving equipment, using an elevator, etc.) requires a shorter distance or individuals are of the same residence (e.g., a roommate). 

      • Individuals must observe occupancy limits as indicated on elevators and restrooms

      • Acceptable PPE include cloth coverings (homemade sewn, quick cut bandana), surgical masks, and face shields. Individuals must continue to observe safety protocols for activities that require a higher degree of protection (e.g. working with flammables.)

      • Anyone who is not fully vaccinated must wear a mask indoors and outdoors at all times while on campus, including enclosed spaces, except briefly when eating or drinking, in which case they must socially distance from other individuals. When classes begin, students who are not vaccinated will be further required to maintain social distancing between themselves and all others in the classroom. ​

  • Tech Incubator at Queens College
    • This community of visionaries and technologists is driven to service businesses, organizations, and local communities and create economic value for society through innovations and technology. The TIQC facility at the CEP 2 building offers membership to organizations with multiple levels of benefits to support startups, local businesses, and organizations, local communities, students, and faculty at the college. The TIQC will operate with 50% occupancy at the start of the Fall 2021 semester. For more information, ​visit: ​

  • Testing
    • Students taking in-person or hybrid classes who have yet to submit proof of vaccination or for whom verification of their proof of vaccination is pending must be tested at a CUNY site no more than 7 days before accessing campus and must show proof of their negative results. Negative COVID-19 test results will only be accepted until October 7, 2021 unless an exemption is approved by CUNY.

      Students who have received an exemption from CUNY must be tested at a CUNY site no more than 7 days before accessing campus and must show proof of their negative results for the entirety of the semester. Only CUNY site testing will be accepted. Those who require testing will receive an email (to the address linked to their CUNYfirst account) from Cleared4/safeCircle to book an appointment to be tested. 

      Students attending fully remote classes who visit campus for any reason and have yet to submit proof of vaccination or for whom verification of their proof of vaccination is pending may gain access by showing proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken at a CUNY testing center within seven days prior to your visit until October 7, 2021.


      Important: Negative COVID-19 test results will only be accepted until October 7, 2021 unless you receive an exemption from CUNY.

      Faculty and staff who have yet to submit proof of vaccination, for whom approval of their proof of vaccination is pending, or who have received an exemption must be tested at a CUNY site no more than 7 days before accessing campus and must show proof of their negative results. Only CUNY onsite testing will be accepted.  

      Read more about testing and vaccination requirements and how to show proof to gain access to campus for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

  • Ventilation
    • The following actions have been taken or are under way:

      • Outdoor air ventilation has been increased by bringing in the maximum possible outside air while maintaining a stable building environment. 
      • During the winter season, a safe temperature for occupants and equipment is maintained, while fresh air is continuously being added and recirculated. 
      • During the summer months, a cooled environment and minimum humidity is maintained, while ensuring that adequate fresh air is circulating. 
      • HVAC equipment filters have been upgraded to those with higher ratings to improve air filtration.
      • Frequent inspections and maintenance are being performed on the ventilation systems to ensure they are operating properly. 
      • Automatic HVAC controls have been adjusted to increase fan run-time and enhance air turnover. 
      • Regular inspections are continuing to ensure the proper function of all operable windows. 
      • Regular inspections are conducted to ensure that restroom and elevator exhaust fans are operational. 
      • Local air cleaning solutions have been or will be deployed where appropriate, using various applications of ultraviolet (UV) technologies and some efficiency particulate air (HEPA) solutions. 

      For more information on how we've updated facilities to keep you safe, watch this video:

  • Visiting QC During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency
    • All individuals wishing to access campus must show proof that they are fully vaccinated or have

      tested negative for COVID-19 within the previous 7 days, in addition to following safety guidelines on distancing and masks

      Learn more on our Campus Access​ page. 


 Student/Families Programs and Services

  • Academic Advising
  • Academics
    • For more information regarding a specific course you are taking, please consult with your professor. If you have not heard from your professor or for general questions regarding your enrollment, credits, labs or performance courses, please review the Provost’s Office website or email

      For more information on the modes of instruction for your courses, watch this video:

  • Child Development Center
    • The program will operate Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm and Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Registration will take place in person, by appointment only, with no more than one family at a time being granted access to the CDC office. No more than 15 children will be registered to attend the program at any one time. Different children will be permitted to attend on different days to accommodate student-parents following a hybrid-flex schedule, as well as staff/faculty following a similar schedule. For more information, email:​.

  • Counseling, Health, & Wellness
    • Telecounseling will continue for the 2021-2022 academic year. Students accessing the office remotely will call 718-997-5420 or email and leave their name, phone number, and CUNY ID Number. During standard work hours, the on-call counselor will return the call or reply by email to arrange a time to speak to the student. Counselors will refer appropriate clients to interns and CARES counselors. Clients will subsequently be able to contact their assigned counselors by email. If a client calls or emails the office after business hours, they will be responded to on the next business day. Visit our Counseling page​ for more information.

      For more information on the health services we provide, watch this video:

  • Food Pantry
    • The onsite pantry will be open Monday through Thursday from 12 pm - 4 pm by appointment only. Setmore will continue to serve as the mobile application to coordinate student appointments. Pantry staff and volunteers preparing and distributing grocery bags will follow all NYS and NYC safe food handling guidelines. For more information, visit The Knights Table Food Pantry​​

  • In-Person Appointments on Campus
    • Many offices on campus will have an in-person presence beginning August 16. For the safety of our students, faculty and staff, students are encouraged to use email and the phone to communicate with departments. If an in-person visit is necessary, please contact the department for an appointment.  

  • Interfaith Programs & Campus Ministries
    • Interfaith/campus ministry programs and worship offered in-person, both indoors and outdoors, will follow prevailing University guidelines for attendance, physical distancing, and public health guidelines.

      Newman Center will adhere to CUNY and Queens College protocols and guidance with regards to campus access and use of the Student Union, Room 208. The center will be open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10 am to 3 pm. Exactly one priest will be present during these hours, ensuring compliance with all aspects of this safe reopening plan. Students may not access the center outside of these hours, or in the irregular event that a priest cannot be present. The priest will normally be Father Jeremy Canna on Mondays and Wednesdays, and will normally be Father Ed Doran on Thursdays. Everyone inside the Newman Center, at all times, will be required to sanitize hands upon entry and participate in the college’s health and safety protocols, wear a mask throughout their visit, and socially distance from others.


      Hillel will adhere to CUNY and Queens College protocols and guidance with regards to campus access and use of the Student Union, Room 206. Only scheduled staff members are allowed in the staff office; it is closed to students and guests. Staff schedules will be staggered to limit the number of individuals in each SU 206 room at any one time, consistent with safety standards. The computer area in the Ellen Koppelman Lounge is closed until further notice. The Goldberg Family Studio is closed until further notice. Items in the Beit Midrash may not be removed from the Beit Midrash or borrowed, including books and all ritual items.


      Muslim Student Association will adhere to CUNY and Queens College protocols and guidance with regards to campus access and space offered on campus, preferably in the Student Union, for prayer. If another space is provided for prayers, it will be empty and furnished with a clean, fabric material floor that suffices for prayer. Room setups will always allow for distance between individuals. Every effort will be made to respect the sensibilities of the Muslim community about not mixing the male and female groups​

  • Learning Resources, Tips, Tools to Connect, and more
  • Student Life
    • Students must make appointments to meet with staff. Forms and all business communication must be completed electronically. Activities will be hybrid when and where possible. Space and learning outcomes will be taken into consideration when determining gathering, in compliance with social distancing and cleaning guidelines. Social media will continue to serve as the main source for publicizing events and soliciting feedback. In-person activities will be designed to limit the number of personnel needed and involved to help prevent the spread of COVID. The office will coordinate off-campus activities (e.g., theater, athletic games, movies) to provide variety and increased participation. Only venues and events adhering to NYC health and safety protocols will be considered for supplemental programming. All functions and events (whether on-campus or off-campus) will require pre-registration, which must be closed with enough time before the function or event to ensure that all procedures and policies can be effectively communicated to each participant. Staff have the discretion to implement new practices to ensure all guidelines are met. Examples may include ticketing for events, requiring proof of registration, extending program hours, and providing participants with a well-defined message about the nature of risks associated with participation.​

  • Study Spaces
  • Summer Camp
    • The Queens College Summer Camp reopens for in-person instruction on June 28, in accordance with NYS guidelines. Offerings range from an academic and sports hybrid, general and single specialty sports, performing arts, and counselor training. Email for more information. 

  • Support for Students with Disabilities
    • All campus visits must be by appointment. Students can call the office at 718-997-5870 to request an intake appointment or an appointment with their counselor. Appointments will be confirmed based on staff availability. Students can also email: ​to request an appointment.​

  • Vaccinations
    • All students attending in-person or hybrid classes or accessing college facilities for any reason must now be fully vaccinated and have uploaded proof of vaccination through CUNYfirst by January 18, 2022Medical and religious exemptions must be submitted 30 days before the start of classes. All religious exemption decisions are final and not subject to appeal. Email​ if you have questions.  

      Students taking fully in-person and/or hybrid courses need to upload their proof of vaccination into CUNYfirst by January 18, 2022. The spring semester begins January 28. 
      Failure to upload proof of vaccination by January 18 will be subject to potential academic withdrawal that could also impact your financial aid and make you ineligible for refunds for the courses. 

      Vaccination Deadline​ 
      Single shot of Johnson & Johnson by January 14

      If your vaccine is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and you are considered fully vaccinated as specified in the WHO approval, you are fully vaccinated under CUNY policy. You can share proof of vaccination through the CUNYfirst portal. If you've received a vaccine that isn't approved by the FDA or WHO, you should email​ to determine the appropriate course of action.
      The Student Vaccination Mandate applies to students participating in in-person fieldwork and clinical experiences that are a required part of coursework. 

      Faculty and staff 
      may upload proof of vaccination through CUNYfirst at any time. 

      For any health-related questions, email​

      Learn more on our Testing/Vaccinations​ page.

  • Veterans Support Services
    • Veteran Support Services will adhere to CUNY and Queens College protocols and guidance with regards to campus access and use of Student Union, Office Suite 320. The maximum occupancy in this suite is five individuals at any given time, requiring monitoring of occupancy level and distances. VA work study participants will be responsible for monitoring students signing in and out upon entry and exit of lounge space. For more information, visit our Veterans Support Center​ webpage.​

  • What are My Student Fees being Used for?
    • ​The purpose of the Student Activity Fees (SAF) is to fund student government, athletics, shuttle bus, and other activities for the students. Fees are collected each semester and each summer session. Click here to learn more.


 Faculty/Staff Programs and Services


Didn't find the answer to your question?
Please email us your question at:​

 Office Information

Contact the Ad Hoc Working Group on Reopening

Meghan Moore-Wilk

Chief of Staff

(718) 997-5559

William Graffeo - Coronavirus Campus Coordinator 

Director of Environmental Health & Safety

(718) 997-2881

Parmanand Panday -- Coronavirus Campus Laison

Office of Environmental Health and Safety

(718) 997-4171

Zeco Krcic

Assistant Vice President

Facilities Planning & Operations

(718) 997-2803

Anastasia Koutsidis

Director of Public Safety & Security

(718) 997-4446

You can also reach out with questions or concerns to: ​


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New York residents ages 16 and older are now eligible, regardless of citizenship status, health coverage, and employment. No appointment necessary - all sites in New York City are now walk-in. 

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