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Faculty, Staff, and Students

Faculty, staff, and students should operate equipment remotely, to the greatest extent possible.

Faculty, staff, and student schedules are staggered to limit the number of individuals in each room at any one time consistent with safety standards.

Necessary distance between individuals is indicated by signage and, where necessary, tape on the floor. Plexiglas barriers at potential static spots for employees’ interaction (e.g., signing in at security) are in place.

Buildings and Grounds
Buildings & Grounds cleans public areas; instructional and/or research personnel are responsible for laboratories, prep, and material rooms. Students are required to wash their hands thoroughly (for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water) before using any computer terminal; alcohol-based wipes will be available for students to wipe the keyboard and mouse prior to using the equipment. Cleaning staff will disinfect high-touch points at every shift.

Rooms accommodating more than one person at a time are set up to stagger the use of workstations, lab benches, or other areas so that individuals are at least six feet apart in all directions (e.g. side-to-side and when facing one another). You may not reorganize the room and all occupants must wear a face mask at all times. Buildings & Grounds has installed physical barriers in accordance with OSHA standards where appropriate.

Limit the use of shared workstations (e.g. “hot-desks”). If two or more individuals must use the same workstation, each person must clean and disinfect it before and after use. Buildings & Grounds will provide authorized rooms with spray disinfectant and paper towels for cleaning.

Minimize the sharing of equipment and devices. All shared equipment/devices must be thoroughly disinfected between use by different individuals.

Campus Food

When food services are available on campus, they will be “grab and go”.

Elevators, Restrooms and Other Areas

Use stairs rather than elevators whenever possible. To limit cross traffic, staircases are demarked for moving up or down out within the building.

Elevator occupancy is limited to one or two occupants at any time (determined by size and demarked with floor decals). When two people ride the elevator at the same time, both must wear face masks.

Within buildings, walk on the right side of the hallway, thereby limiting interaction with those moving in the opposite direction. Do not linger in hallways or stairwells; momentarily passing another person does not significantly increase risk and is not considered “close contact.”

Adhere to social distancing when using restrooms. Knock on the outer door and, if the room is occupied, wait until the room is vacated before entering. Do not use stalls and sinks that have been blocked off for distancing.​

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