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A wide variety of FREE health information is available, such as educational videos and tapes, pamphlets, and interactive software. Topics include alcohol and drugs, safer sex, HIV/AIDS, birth control, stress, cardiovascular health, nutrition, hypertension, and health promotion.

Health insurance information and applications are available for students at the Health Service Center. Check with our office at the beginning of the Fall/Spring semesters to obtain copies of current health insurance application forms.

First aid dressings and feminine hygiene products are available.

Referrals are given as needed.

A list of foreign-language speaking doctors is available from Health Services and from International Student Services.

We provide emergency first aid, notify EMS, and remain with a sick or injured person until further assistance arrives.

Smoking cessation information is also available.

A multi-purpose room for private health screening, health insurance consultation and lactation/ breastfeeding is available at our center.

We maintain an ongoing effort to ensure that all students meet New York State Health Immunization Mandate Public Health Laws #2165 and 2167. All students born on or after January 1, 1957, must present proof of immunity against measles, mumps, and rubella prior to registration. The immunization form may be faxed to the Health Service Center at (718) 997-2765.