1. Submit the SRRC REQUEST FORM, and
  2. Send the following documents to
  • your IRB approval letter,
  • your consent document,
  • your data collection tool.

You MUST have IRB approval or exemption prior to making a request.

Note that requests for institutional data entail a separate process. Learn more here.

Study Recruitment Review Committee (SRRC) Approval

Requests to recruit QC study participants are reviewed when the researcher has:

  • Submitted the IRB approval or exemption letter
  • Submitted a copy of the participant consent form
  • Completed all information in the request form

When the SRRC has approved a request, the study will be posted to our Opportunities to Participate in Research page and a committee member will notify the requester of approval. The recruitment page is promoted regularly through Queens College newsletters and other announcements that go out to our campus community.

A summary of your research results should be shared with the SRRC (via and with study participants. We also encourage you to share your results in a way that is accessible to the QC community. By being transparent with study results, the populations we survey can see the value in participating in research.

A Note About Survey Research: Queens College regularly fields its own surveys. So, while we ai to support the research of CUNY faculty, survey fatigue is a real concern, which is why our students are directed to a list of studies with permission to recruit. If you are a QC researcher and your research supports program development or learning assessment, the OIE may be able to help — Learn more here: Please also note that any survey that includes a race/ethnicity item must include “Italian decent” or “Italian American” as a response option because Italian Americans are included among protected groups at CUNY, 

Study Recruitment Review Committee (SRRC)

  • Lizandra Friedland, Associate Director of Survey Research and Assessment
  • Paul. A Kran, Director of Research Compliance
  • Yongwu Rong, Research Advisory Committee Chair