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” Discimus ut Serviamus: We learn so that we may serve”

Welcome to QC Navigate Implementation

What is QC Navigate?

QC Navigate is a predictive analytics and case-management tool that includes student-facing and faculty/advisor-facing components, to help students stay on track toward graduation through organized activities, communication, and tracking.

The platform, developed by EAB – an education technology services and research company with which CUNY has contracted – leverages historical institutional data to develop risk profiles for individual students and to provide analytics to guide advising and decision-making.

The Navigate platform can help staff and faculty identify students in need of support and steer them towards appropriate interventions. Faculty and professional advisors have the ability to add notes to a student’s profile to ensure there is continuity from one session to the next and to communicate with other campus professionals serving the student. This coordinated care network helps manage significant caseloads more effectively.

Log in to QC Navigate sites using your CUNYfirst credentials: firstname.lastname+last 2 digits of your CUNY ID (you do not need to include

Training Site Last Refreshed:
March 5, 2021

Why do we want to do this?

QC Navigate helps us perform initiatives related to our strategic plan, designed to graduate more students, in less time and at lower cost, with better post-graduate outcomes, for a positive return on their education:

What is our theory of change?

The logic model displayed on this page illustrates how the work from this initiative is driving outputs and outcomes designed to lead to two overarching goals:

  • Drive academic momentum through a comprehensive coordinated care network
  • Infuse the campus with a culture of intelligence around the use of data and technology
Screenshot of Logic Model for QC Navigate project.

Logic model for QC Navigate project (click to embiggen, opens new tab)

What is EAB?
  • EAB (formerly the Education Advisory Board) develops technology and carries out consulting on student success, enrollment management, and institutional operations for some 1,400 member institutions.

  • CUNY (including QC) is a member institution. This gives us access to the Student Success Collaborative (SSC), a network of institutions that share successful student support strategies linked to higher retention and degree completion rates. SSC also provides access to ongoing consulting services.

What do QC students have to say?
  • easy navigation and very helpful!

  • I definitely see this application being useful to new students & underclassmen

  • I think “study buddies” will be a great tool for students to use

  • great job adding a resource page so students can see where all the offices are located, hours, emails, phone numbers, etc!

  • my schedule and student center information is much more accessible on Navigate compared to CUNYFIRST

  • my favorite part of the site is the “My Major” tab; it is super detailed, gives salary, demand and what employers look for

  • it is an amazing and essential tool

What do QC pilot users have to say?
  • empowering; [enables making] more informed decisions on how to support greater retention and engagement

  • students eagerly make appointments with a greater sense of accountability

  • [seeing] class history and grades at a quick glance has been marvelous.

  • created my first campaign for program planning and the response in appointments created just on the first week has been phenomenal

  • really excited to continue using the system

  • automated for students who infrequently check their emails and miss important updates; one student even commented “I totally forgot I had an appointment, I would have gone home if I didn’t receive the reminder text.”

  • made my work much more manageable

  • running queries has definitely been a game changer, has so much potential, we have only scratched the surface

  • has helped us find peer tutors

  • great results in regards to communicating efficiently; “text” feature has been helpful in getting prompt responses from students.

  • the “campaign” feature is great! I noted an increase in appointment scheduling; students also share positive feedback regarding the app​

  • groundbreaking, impactful, and useful

  • systematic and organized approach in communication, appointment tracking, note-taking, academic progress and more, an enriching academic experience for our students

  • multi-layered approach to student support, from admission to graduation

  • we have experienced a renewed energy with this tool; students are enthusiastic about having information at their fingertips and staff productivity is at an all-time high

  • phenomenal, PHENOMENAL, PHENOMENAL!!!