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Business and Finance

Financial Management Certificate
All Financial Management Certificate courses may be taken outside the certificate.

Understanding the language of finance and business performance is essential for professionals throughout an organization. This certificate can help build confidence in fundamental financial acumen and increase your ability to make smarter business decisions in any function.

Required courses:
BF300  Intro to Accounting and Cash Management - 24 hrs.
BF301  Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility - 18 hrs.
BF302  Financial Statements Analysis - 24 hrs.

BF300 - Intro to Accounting and Cash Management
This course covers basic accounting and bookkeeping functions, including the steps of the accounting cycle. The primary focus is on cash and other related accounts where necessary. 24 hrs.
There is a hybrid component to this class; some sessions will be online. Schedule will be provided by the instructor at the first session.   
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BF301 - Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
What is meant by corporate social responsibility in the workplace? How is ethics related to corporate social responsibility? Students will learn to understand the difference facets of CSR and its impact on organizational stability. 18 hrs.
There is a hybrid component to this class; some sessions will be online. Schedule will be provided by the instructor at the first session.
Course Section Class Meets Dates Time Instructor Semester

BF302 - Financial Statements Analysis
Analyze the basics of accounting, including the steps of the cycle and how these steps culminate in the ultimate preparation of financial statements. Students in this course will be able to prepare financial statements and perform basic ratio calculations, and will participate in a project analyzing the financial statements of a company. 24 hrs.
$500* 12 sessions
Course Section Class Meets Dates Time Instructor Semester

Other courses regarding Business and Finance
BF200 – Financial Literacy
Looking to invest or just to understand more about your investments? Learn about investing in stocks or bonds and other products that can add to your portfolio. Understand the concepts, benefits and pitfalls of various investment options. Topics include investing in common stock, bonds (corporate, municipal, and government issues), mutual funds and ETFS, plus options. Various retirement vehicles and accounts (401k, IRA, annuities etc.) will also be reviewed. 14 hrs.
Course Section Class Meets Dates Time Instructor Semester

BS121 – How to Create an e-book (3 hrs.)
More than 50 percent of all traditionally published book sales of any format in the United States now happen on The indie authors’ and small presses’ market share is growing rapidly, especially within the past five years. The authors and small press operators exude passion and enthusiasm; they are free to follow their own instincts through expression. To be a pioneer within this “Renaissance of Publishing,” you need to know the technicalities, as well as how the market works and what the best tools are for running your business the right way in digital publishing. Join this workshop and explore how to create and publish an e-book, while learning about the global book market opportunities and the pros and cons of different publishing platforms and approaches.
Course Section Class Meets Dates Time Instructor Semester

BS122 – Publishing an e-book (3 hrs.)
Your interest and inquiries about e-book publishing will be satisfied in this workshop by a detailed presentation in the intricacies and steps taken in the publishing of an e-book. Join this workshop to explore the world of online retailers and publishing markets as well as the status of brick-and-mortar bookstores and the New York City library system. Explore topics such as e-book distribution, going direct vs. using an aggregator, and an overview of the seven most successful platforms. The hands-on component of the workshop will immerse you in publishing an e-book with the StreetLib platform, uploading your content, setting up the e-book metadata and price while managing discounts and preorders.

Giacomo D’Angelo, founder and CEO of StreetLib, USA, Inc., has worked in the publishing industry for the past eight years. He has been instrumental in helping publishers thrive in the new digital landscape. D’Angelo has traveled throughout many European and U.S. locations to expand the reach of StreetLib services through digital publishing. He has now settled in New York City, which is the heart of the publishing world.
Course Section Class Meets Dates Time Instructor Semester

BS124 – 24 Steps to Entrepreneurship
Have you ever wondered what is most important in starting a company: The team? The idea? The customers? Investors? This crash course provides you with a 24-step framework that not only helps you answer this question but also allows you to identify an idea, a market, a team, or customers step by step in a systematic way. Whether you're a first-time company starter or serial entrepreneur, this class gives you an overview of how world-class entrepreneurs have approached their ideas.

Sascha Eder is founder and COO of NewtonX, an AI-powered knowledge marketplace and seed-funded company based in New York. He holds a BS from University of Mannheim, an MS from HEC Paris, and an MS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At MIT, Eder took a class that inspired him to give this course on Entrepreneurship so that others can start their companies following the same tips he received. Before starting his company, he was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.
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