Memo Regarding Early Tenure Considerations

October 8, 2013


Sent on behalf of President James Muyskens—

TO: Deans, Department Chairs
FROM: President James Muyskens
RE: Early Tenure Consideration Instructions – and Consideration for Full Time Faculty Tenure and Promotion Instructions

With the advent of the seven year tenure clock, the issue of early tenure has arisen more frequently.  A memo attached to this email updates the guidance sent to the Committee of 7 last fall and should be consulted in deliberations this year. The memo also outlines a revised procedure for issuance of a letter offering early tenure consideration.  However, the portion of the procedure applying to offers of early tenure consideration made after the time of hire will govern future early tenure cases only.

Another issue that has arisen with the simultaneous consideration of tenure and promotion to associate professor is that of candidates who are recommended for tenure but not promotion.  We have issued guidance on promotion before tenure in the past, cautioning that it should be considered only in very special circumstances.  A second memo, also attached, provides similar guidance for tenure before promotion.

Decisions on tenure and promotion are among the most serious you are asked to make as a chair.  I know that you take this responsibility seriously, and I thank you for your service.

C: Elizabeth Hendrey, Provost
Meryl Kaynard, General Counsel to the President