Policies, Guidelines, and Materials for Tenure (including Thir​d Year Review) and Promotion, and Certificate of Continuous Employment


The College is now using Interfolio for all tenure, promotion, third year review, and reappointment processes. Faculty should continuously keep their information updated in the Faculty180 module of Interfolio.

Faculty no longer need to maintain a separate CV document.  The CV is now entirely generated within Interfolio.

The links below remain live and include information on all of the relevant Policies and Guidelines.​

  • For technical issues with Interfolio, please contact: Chris Coleman
  • For questions about why and how we are using Interfolio, please contact: Maria DeLongoria


For Professo​rial Titles (Assistant Professor, Associate Professor):


For College Laboratory Technician (CLT) Titles:


For Lecturer Titles: