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Discussion of Class Break

The new matrix has provided new class scheduling patterns for departments. It has also retained some patterns from the previous matrix. The retained patterns include multi-period classes which provide two or more contact hours in one meeting time. These are unchanged in the new matrix and still include the implicit assumption that 10-minute breaks separate each nominal one-hour period. For example, Section 8M2 is scheduled to meet from 8:00 to 9:50 on Monday. The assumption is that this 110-minute span of time includes a 10-minute break, scheduled by the instructor at an appropriate time pedagogically, so that the actual class time is 100 minutes. This conforms to the New York State rule that a nominal two-hour course should have 50 x 2 or 100 minutes of instruction time. A similar break is assumed for some other patterns carried over from the previous matrix, such as Section 9MYW, which meets Monday 9:15 - 10:05 and Wednesday 8:15 -10:05; the latter meeting includes a 10-minute break.
Patterns covering more hours are assumed to have more breaks. Thus Section 8M3, scheduled to meet from 8 to 10:50 am on Monday, should have two 10-minute breaks totaling 20 minutes, which may, of course, be taken at various times or even combined, as the instructor believes appropriate. Similarly, a four-hour pattern like 8M4, meeting 8:15 - 12:05 on Monday, should have breaks totaling 30 minutes.
Note that the evening patterns, which are carried over unchanged from the previous matrix, include two "compressed" evening patterns without breaks. Some of these are three-hour patterns, such as E4M3, which meets 4:30 - 7:00 pm on Monday. This must have a total of 3 x 50 = 150 minutes or 2 hours 30 minutes of instructional time, which means no breaks. Be aware, though, that there are also uncompressed evening patterns with the same designation. For example, the uncompressed E4M3 meets 4:30 - 7:20 pm on Monday, so it includes 20 minutes of break time. There is a similar set of 4-hour patterns. The "Two Hour plus Conference" evening patterns are graduate courses with distinctive scheduling. Apart from these special evening patterns, note that the model is:

​Length of Meeting Time ​Assumed Break Time
​100 minutes ​10 minutes
​150 minutes ​20 minutes
​200 minutes ​30 minutes
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