School Counseling

This graduate program is approved by the New York State Education Department and leads to Initial and Professional certification as a school counselor. Upon completion of the 60 credit M.S.Ed. degree candidates can apply for the Initial certification. A NYSED examination is required as part of the Initial certification process (the NYSED examination is currently pending). Upon completion of 3 years of experience as a school counselor candidates become eligible for the Professional certification.
The following are specific requirements for all candidates in school counseling:

  • ECPCE 700. Foundations of School Counseling
  • ECPCE 802. Clinical and Contextual Topics in School Counseling
  • ECPCE 805 Assessment Methods in School Counseling
  • ECPCE 806. Administration and Organization of School Counseling Programs
  • ECPCE 808. Child and Adolescent Counseling
  • ECPCE 809. Learning and Motivation
  • ECPCE 810. College and Career Readiness
  • ECPCE 815. Career Development and Assessment in School Settings

Fieldwork in K–12 school settings. Practicum in School Counseling (ECPCE 729, 4 credits). Two separate Internships (ECPCE 829). One internship must be completed in a K-8 school setting (4 credits) and one in a 9-12 school setting (4 credits).
Completion of a final research project (as part of ECPCE 807 Research Methods) in an area related to school counseling.

School Counseling Full Time Program
School Counseling Part Time Program
Counseling Fieldwork Guide

For more information on policies, procedures, and course descriptions please see the Queens College Graduate Bulletin.

Completion of workshops:

  • Child Abuse Identification Workshop
  • School Violence and Intervention Workshop (SAVE)
  • Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) Training

Additional Requirements for the Bilingual Extension Specialization:

The Bilingual Extension is not currently available

School Counseling Student Outcome Data
Number of graduates in the past year 26
Completion rate 90%
Licensure or certification examination pass rate 100%
Job placement rate of students/graduates 94%


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Counselor Education
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