MS Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

MS Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

(Picture depicts the underwater weighing method for determining body composition)


The Master of Science Program in Nutrition and Exercise Sciences offers students the opportunity for advanced study in three (3) areas of specialization including nutrition, exercise science, or nutrition and exercise sciences.

To be eligible for admissions to the MS Nutrition and Exercise Sciences, applicants must have a strong academic background in chemistry, biology, and nutrition and exercise sciences. Without this background, individuals will need to major at the undergraduate level in nutrition and exercise sciences before applying to the graduate program. Those who have completed an undergraduate major in chemistry, biology nutrition, or exercise science may be considered for entry with completion of course deficiencies. The entrance to the field of nutrition and exercise sciences is achieved through completion of the BS Nutrition and Exercise Sciences. The graduate program is intended for those individuals who are seeking advanced study in the discipline.
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Program Directors

Anoop Balachandran

Graduate Advisor
(718) 997-2729​

Ashima Kant

Graduate Advisor
Nutrition Specialization
(718) 997-4156