Full time Faculty


Mihaela Robila
Remsen Hall, Room 306 G
Phone: 718-997-4157

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Professor of Human Development and Family Science (HDFS); HDFS Program Director and Student Adviser. Research focuses on family functioning and policies around the globe, immigration, poverty.

Deputy Chair


Ya Ching Hung
Deputy Chair
Fitzgerald Gym, Room 203 L
Phone: 718-997-2739
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Research focuses on Biomechanics, motor learning and motor control.


Jessica Angelastro

Fitzgerald Gym, Room 203 Q
Phone: 718-997-2710


Advisor, undergraduate program in Physical Education Teacher Education

Fernanda Armoza
Remsen Hall, Room 305 B
Phone: 718-997-4475


Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Education Program Coordinator & Advisor, Graduate Programs

Ann Azzollini

Fitzgerald Gym, Room 203 H
Phone: 718-997-2723
Advisor for the undergraduate Nutrition and Exercise Sciences program;  Areas of expertise include fitness assessment and exercise prescription with a focus on enhancing heart health, reducing obesity, and increasing lifetime physical activity.

Anoop T. Balachandran
Assistant Professor
Fitzgerald Gym, Room 203 B
Phone: 718-997-2729
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Graduate advisor for the Nutrition and exercise Sciences program; Research Interests: To improve physical function, body composition, and quality of life in older adults, through exercise.

Jacqueline Barnaby
Remsen Hall , Room 306 J
Phone: 718-997-4475
Program Coordinator & Advisor for Undergraduate and Post Baccalaureate Programs Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher  Education

Eve Bernstein
Fitzgerald Gym, Room 203D
Phone: 718-997-2716
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Research Interests: Curriculum and teaching. Structuring and implementation of competitive activities in physical education. Advisor, graduate program in Physical Education Teacher Education


Allison Charny
Director of Dietetic Internship
Remsen, Room 306 A
Phone: 718-997-4138
Area of expertise includes development of interns’ ability to perform practice-based research; application of the nutrition care process and medical nutrition therapy; nutritional management of diabetes.


Jihee Choi
Assistant Professor
Remsen Hall , Room 306 I
Phone: 718-997-4149

Major research interests include food safety training intervention development for employees in commercial and non-commercial foodservice industry, food crisis management, and food safety for vulnerable population.


Sungeun (Sung Eun) Choi
Associate Professor
Remsen, Room 305 A
Phone: 718-997-4169
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Research Interests: Food Sensory Science with Nutritional Science; Taste perception and health; Cultural influences on taste preference; Optimization of food formulation using sensory evaluation.

Victoria Fischer

DPD Director
Remsen Hall , Room 306B
Phone: 718-997-4152


Interested in pathophysiology of obesity and obesity-related diseases. Experienced in design and administration of ACEND-accredited programs.

Teamin Ha
Assistant Professor
Fitzgerald Gym, Room 203P
Phone: 718-997-2710
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Dr. Ha’s scholarship activities aim to promote physical activity among children and adolescents through a whole-of-school approach. Specifically, he is interested in investigating the impacts of technology integration in school-based physical activity.


Sunitha Jasti
Assistant Professor
Remsen, Room 306 C
Phone: 718-997-4159
Advisor for Food Management Studies; Research Interests: nutritional behaviors of ethnic minority and immigrant populations in the U.S.

Ashima Kant
Professor (On Fellowship Leave)
Remsen Hall , Room Room 306 E
Phone: 718-997-4156
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Graduate Advisor for Nutrition Specialization; Research focuses on Nutritional Epidemiology


Melissa Lovitz
Remsen Hall , Room Room 305 B
Phone: 718-997-4475

Lecturer and undergraduate advisor in Human Development and Family Sciences (HDFS). Research focuses on parent-provider relationships in early childhood settings; Interested in understanding how culture and context contribute to the development of children and families.



Bridget McFadden
Assistant Professor
Fitzgerald Gym, Room 203L
Phone: 718-997-2710
Research focuses on sport science and the relationship between nutrition, training stress, and recovery to optimize health and performance.


Patrick Moran
Remsen Hall, Room 308 B
Phone: 718-997-4475

Norberto Quiles
Associate Professor
Fitzgerald Gym, Room 203 M
Phone: 718-997-2718
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Research focuses on exercise and physical activity in people living with HIV/AIDS.


Elizabeth Riina
Associate Professor
Remsen, Room 306 D
Phone: 718-570-0466
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Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS), AAFCS Student club advisor. Research focuses on family processes, family research methods, socio-cultural contexts for family and individual development.


Sandi Westfal
Remsen, Room 308 A
Phone: 718-997-4164
With a background as a clinical dietitian and certified in Nutrition Support through the American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, my focus is on enteral nutrition with critically ill patients.