Welcome to the Political Science Department
Cristina Jimenez, department alumna and a MacArthur Genius award winner

Cristina Jimenez is a political science department alumna who started United We Dream and won a MacArthur Genius award.

The Political Science Department at Queens College serves approximately 400 majors and enjoys a national reputation for excellence in undergraduate education and faculty research.

It offers students a flexible program to cater to students’ needs and interests. Students can pick and choose courses to meet the department’s requirements or follow specific tracks in Law and Politics, International Politics, or Government and Public Service. In addition, the department has an award-winning Model UN program and an internship program which offers students academic credit for interning with lawyers, judges, elected officials, and non-profits.  

The Political Science Department prepares students for success in a wide variety of careers. Over half of Queens College political science majors go on to graduate study. The department’s list of alumni includes judges, politicians, CEOs, and non-profit leaders, as well as a MacArthur Genius Grant winner. Irrespective of field, our alumni serve their communities while they build thriving careers.




Department Office

200 Powdermaker Hall

Office Hours: M-F, 9-5

Department Contact

(718) 997-5470

Office Administration

Chair: Prof. Francois Pierre-Louis francois.pierrelouis@qc.cuny.edu

Office Assistant: Mayra Tepi mayra.tepi@qc.cuny.edu

 Office Assistant: Francine Weiss-Temkin francie.weisstemkin@qc.cuny.edu

Departmental News

June 2, 2022: Political Science Major Karina Abou Orm Saab gave the Graduate Address at the 2022 Commencement. View her moving speech here (beginning at 1:25).

December 6, 2021: Prof. Keena Lipsitz published two articles on political polarization in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.