Political Science Major

Major Requirements:

Students should take at least 31 credits in political science, including:

1. Three of the following introductory Courses: Political Science 100 American Government and Politics; 101 Principles of Political Science; 102 Current Political Controversies; 103 Comparative Politics; 104 International Politics; and 105 Political Theory.

2. 15-18 elective credits (either five or six 200-level courses depending on the number of 100-level courses taken)

    a. Students who began taking courses at QC in the Fall 2015 semester  or later are required to take PSCI 200 as one of these electives.

3. One 4-credit seminar (381W, 382W, 383W or 384W)

Most political science courses are 3 credits; therefore, you will need a total of ten courses in Political Science in order to complete the major.

It is recommended that students take the introductory course in each sub-field before taking the intermediate courses and seminars. It is also recommended that students take PSCI 200 before enrolling for the seminar.

All 100-Level Political Science courses are Pathways and PLAS courses.

Transfer students who plan to major in political science should take a minimum of 18 credits in the department, regardless of the number of political science credits earned at other institutions.

Declaring a Major in Political Science

By the upper sophomore year, political science majors should have worked out a comprehensive course of study in political science with their faculty advisor before registering for more political science courses. To do this, all majors must fill out a Major Concentration Form, have it approved by a Political Science Faculty Advisor and submit the approved form to the department office prior to applying for graduation. The department will not approve students for graduation without this form.

Tracks in Political Science (Optional)
The specialized tracks help students select introductory and elective courses that correspond to their interests in law and politics or international politics. Students majoring in political science are not required to declare a track.

The International Politics Track:

    1. Comparative Politics (PSCI 103), International Relations (PSCI 104), and one other 100-level course
    2. PSCI 200 for anyone who matriculates in or after Fall 2015
    3. Two courses from Political Science 230-269
    4. One Political Science Seminar
    5. Three electives (200 Level) from other political science courses, which may be internships.

The Government and Public Service Track:

1. American Politics (PSCI 100) and two other 100-level political science courses
2. PSCI 200 for anyone who matriculates in or after Fall 2015
3. One course from Political Science 219, 221-224
4. Two Internships, preferably one of which is with an elected official
5. One Political Science Seminar
6. Two electives (200 Level) from other political science courses