4 courses + 4 sets of co-curricular activities = Certificate + Internship

Earn a Business Leadership Certificate through a multi-step process that prepares you for a capstone career experience through curricular, co-curricular, and career development activities along with an internship!

The Business Leadership Certificate ensures that students will gain the competencies necessary to thrive in high-performing industries such as the BFSI (Banking, Financial Service, Insurance) sectors through personalized career advising and mentoring.


Applicants should:

·       Be an undergraduate student with a declared major in Accounting, Economics, Corporate Finance, FinTech, International Business or Actuarial Studies
·       Have a graduation date of 2025
·       Be in good academic standing
·       Be prepared to complete all requirements listed, including internship
·       Commit to completing pre- and post-engagement surveys every semester

All credits for the certificate must be taken at Queens College. Any exception would require departmental approval. A 2.0 cumulative index is required for each certificate.


The Queens College (QC) School of Business career readiness track is dedicated to equipping QC students with the breadth of skills needed for successful business careers immediately upon graduation.  This is a comprehensive three step initiative that prepares students for a capstone career experience through a combination of engaging curricular and co-curricular courses, career development activities, and internships. The School of Business career readiness track ensures that students will gain competencies to thrive in high-growth industries such as Accounting, Finance, Banking (Asset Management/Investment Banking), and Real Estate through personalized career advising and mentoring.

The track places a focus on three key pillars (detailed career map below):

  • Curricular: To help students thrive in a growing industry, this initiative includes carefully curated classes designed to teach core skills needed in Accounting, Finance, Banking, and Real Estate. Both hard and soft skills will be developed using project-based learning that reflect real world experiences.
  • Co-curricular: Students will attend a series of professional development seminars and will meet with a career advisor every semester to develop a resume, identify relevant career opportunities, and secure impactful internships. The student cohorts will be trained in effective communication, innovative leadership, and team management skills.
  • Assessment: To measure the program success, students will complete a series of assessments throughout the program to determine the impact of the career readiness track, allowing for rapid responses as needed to ensure high impact practices for our students.



Business Leadership Certificate
Students have the flexibility to complete this program in less than 4 semesters
SEMESTER* 1 BALA 201W: Business Communications
BUS 160W: An Introduction to Business Writing
ECON 228W: The Economics of the Environment



  • Meet with Career Advisor to complete self-assessment, research careers, and register for HireQC to learn about Career Services opportunities
  • Attend a Business School Orientation and Career Fair
  • Participate in a career workshops or business competition to build resume and identify impactful careers
  • Join clubs to build peer relationships, resume and career-related skills
Pre and Post (GOAL: gain career competency)




ACCT 261: Business Law I
BALA 200: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
BUS 247: Business Economics

  • Meet with Career Advisor to explore occupations, research traits and skills required for career, master Excel or other programming language skills, and develop resume/cover letter, and co-curricular plan
  • Participate in a career workshop or business competition to build resume and identify organizations suitable for internship opportunities
  • Attend a Career Fair and secure an internship
Pre and Post (GOAL: identify & secure internship)

Critical Thinking

SEMESTER* 2, 3 or 4

ACCT 398: Accounting Internship
BALA 391.3: Business Internship
COOP 201.3: Orientation to the World of Work
ECON 393: Economics Internship
  • Complete an Internship/Externship
  • Meet with Career Advisor to finalize career development “tool kit” (resume, cover letter, references, portfolio, writing samples, letters of recommendation)
  • Attend a mock interview to prepare for interview process
  • Consider a minor to enhance career skills
  • Participate in a career workshop or recruiting event
  • Connect with an alumni through the Alumni-Mentor program
  • Join Professional Associations
  • Explore professional/graduate school admissions if interested
Pre and Post (GOAL: complete internship) Professionalism Career Development

SEMESTER* 3 or 4


ACCT 393W: Seminar in Accounting
BALA 303: Strategic Management & Leadership
BALA 398: Special Topics – Leading Across Cultures
BUS 341W: Intermediate Finance
ECON 392W: Honors Seminar (only offered in the Spring)

  • Meet with Career Advisor to decide on career direction
  • Attend a mock interview
  • Search, apply, and interview for jobs
  • Participate in Professional Associations and attend networking events
  • If applying to graduate school, submit applications
  • Join the QC Alumni organization
Pre and Post (GOAL: complete capstone course & secure job/graduate school admission) Leadership

*Select 1 course per semester