The faculty of the School of Business comprises members of Department of Economics, the Department of Accounting and Information Systems, and the Graduate Program for Risk Management. Their research has been published in top academic journals such as Management Science, the Journal of Financial Economics, and the American Economic Review. Many of our professors also bring considerable real-world business experience to the classroom, helping our students gain both a deeper understanding of the material and additional practical insights.

Accounting and Information Systems Faculty

Arthur Adelberg

Professor, Deputy Chair
Office Location: PH-215B
Email: Arthur.Adelberg@qc.cuny.edu

Nick Dauber

Office Location: PH-215LEmail: Nick.Dauber@qc.cuny.edu

Qianyun (Ivy) Huang

Associate Professor; Chair
Office Location: PH-214 F
Email: Qianyun.huang1@qc.cuny.edu

Eric Rosano
Assistant Professor
Office Location: PH-215
Email: Eric.Rosano@qc.cuny.edu

Steven A. Solieri

 Associate Professor
Office Location: PH-214G
Email: SASolieri@aol.com

Tao Sun

Assistant Professor
Office Location: PH-215
Email: Tao.Sun@qc.cuny.edu

Dianand Terry Balkaran

Office Location: PH-215 R
Email: Dianand.Balkaran@qc.cuny.edu

Amy David

Office Location: PH-215 J​
Email: Amy.David@qc.cuny.edu

Barry Leibowicz

Office Location: PH-215 P
Email: bleibowicz@qc.cuny.edu

Scott Ruthizer

Office Location: PH-215 R
Email: Scott.Ruthizer@qc.cuny.edu

Michael Stevens

Associate Professor

Office Location: PH-215 K
Email: Michael.Stevens@qc.cuny.edu

Fang Sun

Associate Professor

Office Location: PH-214 E
Email: Fang.Sun@qc.cuny.edu

Israel Blumenfrucht

Office Location: PH-215C
Email: Israel.Blumenfrucht@qc.cuny.edu

Neal B. Hitzig
Office Location: PH-215 O
Email: Neal.Hitzig@qc.cuny.edu

Anique Qureshi
Office Location: PH-Room-214 D
Email: Anique.Qureshi@qc.cuny.edu

Jeffrey Satenstein

Lecturer, Minor Advisor
Office Location: PH-214 B
Email: Jeffrey.Satenstein@qc.cuny.edu

Jangwon Suh
Assistant Professor
Office Location: PH-214
Email: Jangwon.Suh@qc.cuny.edu

Jian Xiao

Office Location: Powdermaker 215-I
Email: jxiao@qc.cuny.edu