Educational Psychology
The Educational Psychology component of SEYS prepares teacher candidates to be reflective practitioners who possess the knowledge,skills, and disposition necessary for enacting their own learning and for enhancing the learning experiences and development of children and adolescents in a diverse,democratic, and inclusive community. Teacher candidates apply their understanding of a broad range of theories and principles to work with middle and high school students who display great diversity in learning abilities and exceptionalities, language, and socioeconomic status.

Core Requirements in Education Psychology

Language, Literacy, and Culture
The Language, Literacy and Culture program aims at promoting teacher candidates’ understanding of language and literacy development of adolescents, particularly second language acquisition, English as a second language (ESL), and multilingual and multicultural education. We strive to create a dynamic synergy among these areas in order to better address the needs of English language learners (ELL) and learners with special needs in the mainstream subject matter classroom.

Core Requirements in Language, Literacy, and Culture

Social and Philosophical Foundations
Courses in the Social and Philosophical Foundations sequence provide overview of theory and research on key sociological, philosophical, historical, and political foundations of education. Consideration is given to how foundational issues are evident and addressed in classroom situations and practices. While some of the courses deal with contemporary socio-economic and political issues that continue to influence and shape education decision-making, others undertake theoretical analyses of major educational ideas and practices in the United States. Attention is also given to how the growth and use of technology have influenced the educational environment. Foundations courses are designed to test students’ ability to think critically and reflectively about fundamental educational questions. Field experience is included for students who are not currently teaching.

Core Requirements in Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education