Course Work

TIME 2000 participants stay together for their mathematics and education courses, taught by
a team of professors dedicated to improving the teaching and learning of school mathematics.
Students take approximately 45 credits in mathematics and 24 credits in secondary education.


Participants and professors meet for breakfast on a monthly basis for special events that include guest speakers, performances, student presentations, peer advisement, and Program updates.


The TIME 2000 Program will provide scholarships towards tuition.


High school seniors graduating in June are eligible to apply.* Applicants should have received at least a B average in each high school mathematics course, have a cumulative grade-point average of at least B, and have taken four years of college preparatory mathematics. They also should have a special interest in and a commitment to the teaching of mathematics, and should be highly recommended by their mathematics teacher or chair. Above all, students must have a strong work ethic. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

*Current QC freshmen, sophomores and transfer students may be eligible to apply to the program. Email for individual advisement about your application.


  1. File a CUNY Freshman Application and list Queens College as your first choice. ( For more information, please call the Queens College Undergraduate Admissions Office at 718.997.5600)
  2. Complete an online application with essay.
  3. A letter must be written by your mathematics teacher or chair verifying your competency in mathematics and noting the reasons for recommending you as a prospective mathematics teacher. This letter of recommendation should include your name and address and it should be written on school stationery. It should be sent, under separate cover, to the TIME 2000 Program. Your teacher may email the letter from his/her school address to