1. Are you already a math teacher?

Share your enthusiasm for teaching mathematics with your students and recommend your very best seniors to apply to TIME 2000. Bring your best students to the TIME 2000 annual conference, “Celebrating Mathematics Teaching.” Offer to share your favorite lesson at the annual TIME 2000 conference. Speak to current TIME 2000 undergraduates at one of their monthly seminars.

2. Are you a graduate of TIME 2000?

In addition to the suggestions above, share your teaching experiences at the the TIME 2000 seminar held during Presidents’ Week in February. Offer to be a mentor and/or cooperating teacher to TIME 2000 student teachers. Share any new ideas for teaching by writing for the TIME 2000 Newsletter or contacting TIME 2000 faculty/staff.

3. Are you a QC student with an interest in studying mathematics and becoming a teacher?

Find out whether you qualify to join TIME 2000 and be eligible for a partial scholarship.

4. Are you already in TIME 2000?

If you are not already a member, join the “Today’s Tutors, Tomorrow’s Math Teachers,” MT4 Tutoring Club. Get involved with one of the many internship opportunities. Write/edit for the TIME 2000 Newsletter. Visit your high school to help recruit prospective students. Mentor incoming TIME 2000 students. Share your ideas for improving the program.

5. Are you a graduating high school senior with an interest in studying mathematics and becoming a teacher?

Apply today!