Mission Statement

Queens College “Being Green”
Save Energy, Save “OUR” Environment

Queens College has committed to making a difference at our College and for our environment.

The Offices of Building and Grounds, working with the NY Power Authority, our electricity provider, we have committed to reducing energy use on our Campus. Currently, we have been able to commit to a Peak Load Management Program for the summer months.

Soon you will see posters, emails along with students and staff supporting simple things that everyone can do to help make a difference, like closing a window shade or shutting off a light on a sunny day.

To simply put it:

Energy reduction = less carbon and green gas emissions released into “Our” atmosphere.

What more can we say about climate change? We are living through it now. Worldwide suffering from disasters of such magnitude as the recent earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan, the earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans or if we really want to get close to home the tornado, at Queens College on September 16, 2010.

Our Plan

Being Green Plan

  • The Being Green’s website is where you will be kept informed on all of the materials we use, what we are doing related to water saving efforts, what we recycle and how much, the trees being planted and many other updates with featured stories about what “WE” are doing to be Green.
  •  We will have meaningful comparisons over a period of time letting all on Campus know what our Kilowatt savings were for each quarter. What does this Energy savings mean? Energy savings are converted into a number we can relate to in tons of Carbon Monoxide we have saved the atmosphere, ideally reducing Queens College’s carbon footprint.
  • Our Agreement with NYPA, along with our success on this conservation plan, may create incentives for us to continue “Green” campus projects despite our current State budget & funding constraints.
  • As part of our plan, we will be facilitating information to the Queens College Community, Students, Faculty and Staff. 

In the end, our goal is to build a more diverse sustainable community, along with Student Organizations NYPIRG and the Environmental Club, we ask for everyone to support our efforts, “WE” are so proud of our College, together, we really can make a difference. 

Contact Info

Staci Hope Cohen,
Project & Energy Manager

Hours:    (M-F) 7:30-3:30
Bldg:       L-1 | Room: 109
Phone:   (718) 997-3047

Email: Staci.Cohen@qc.cuny.edu

Green Tip #1

Energy used to power your home can be responsible for more pollution than your car? If you change just one light in your household, you can reduce pollution in the environment and save money!

Green Fact #1

CUNY’s allocation for Heat, Light and Power from the FY11 NYC budget totals $84,345,431. That’s 9.7% of the City’s energy budget.

Breakdown by CUNY campus type:

CUNY, Community Colleges $20,965,186 2.4%
CUNY, Senior Colleges $63,380,245 7.3%

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