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The Vacancy Review Board template has been replaced with the QC Budget Review Committee (BRC) template.

All full and part time requests funded by tax levy and soft funds (RF, QCF, etc.) budgets should be included and the completed template submitted to your respective dean or division head for approval.  Once approved, the template will be submitted to M. Watch, Office of the Provost, for inclusion on the BRC agenda.  All requests supported by RF funds should be submitted on the template and forwarded to Poline Papoulis, ORSP, to confirm budget availability.  ORSP will forward the template to M. Watch for inclusion on the QC Budget Review Committee meeting agenda.  Dispositions on all requests will be communicated to the appropriate dean/division head. Requests received by M. Watch each Tuesday by noon will be included on that Wednesday’s BRC agenda.

The template’s tab labeled “Personnel Action Request” should be used for salary and rank/title changes. The “Vacancy Review Request” is for all other actions.


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