Resident Assistant (RA) Info

Interested in applying to be a Resident Assistant?

Applications are available the first 2 weeks of February each year during which time we are recruiting for the following academic year. The application can be found HERE when the process kicks off.

  1. Develop leadership skills such as crisis management and program planning
  2. Expand your professional network by interacting with campus officials on a variety of programs
  3. Learn to manage your time between, school, work, friends and family
  4. Help build a community through providing support and programming for residents
  5. Encourage leaders of tomorrow
  6. Be a listening ear for residents
  7. Team building activities for the staff and residents
  8. Role model behaviors
  9. Become trained in and serve as a building and campus resource for other residents
  10. Being able to help others
Five people looking at a laptop together.