University of Texas organizes in April a bootcamp about Entrepreneurial Mindset.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Bootcamp (EMB) is a four-week virtual bootcamp to help undergraduate students learn an entrepreneurial approach to work and life. This bootcamp is for both students wanting to start their own businesses and those wanting to cultivate the entrepreneurial skills needed for the modern workforce. Topics include: 

    • Introduction: What is the Entrepreneurial Mindset & Why It Matters
    • Information Overload: How to Make Effective Decisions in Complex Environments
    • Ideation: How Entrepreneurs Generate Compelling Ideas
    • Customer Discovery: How to Pressure Test You r Ideas
  • Present Like an Entrepreneur: How to Pitch Yourself & Your Ideas

    This event is open to all undergraduate students in the Blackstone LaunchPad Network.&n bsp

  • It is usually in Apri – May.